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I hoping everyone had a wonderful Christmas and that you kept the only Saviour (Jesus the Christ) in the loop. I recently bought a camera for my computer, downloaded a free video sharing software and watched my grand kids open their Christmas gifts. Of course my son also had the same setup and to...
I just returned from a trip to PA and a little disappointed in my 2007 Nissan Versa only getting about 31 MPG.  I was using my gas additive and I was expecting more.  So I drove a couple tanks without the stuff and checked it on a trip to Greenville.  I only got 27 MPG without my gas additive.  A...
Tuesday morning routine was briefly interrupted by a small earthquake.  I was in an earthquake that registered 7.3.  It is kind of exciting to see a building move up and down while you are moving down and up.  It is ok when you are on a ship, but having it happen on "solid" land is an experience.
Northside Baptist Church will have a new pastor starting the middle of January 2009.  Pastor John Stevens retired earlier this year a Mike Felber has been called to be the new pastor.  I invite you to visit the church where the Word of God is preached without apology and the good news that only J...

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