It's not just the simple new construction or resale out there.  While the last few years may have helped newbies learn real estate deals, todays market will determine really how flexible you can be as a agent.  It's truly diverified!  With foreclosures or REOs and short sales and lease purchase o...
Had all day training today on team building from Gene Rivers, who's got to be one of the best instructors in real estate, much less KW trainers. Anyway, I don't have a team and I tend to refer out to those who don't have teams either.  My philosophy is that I want the person I'm talking to (when ...
I do open houses just about every weekend, usually Sundays.  If anyone shows up at all, it's usually just a couple of groups.  Most have an agent they are working with.  If not, others are obviously neighbors with no intention of doing anything for a while, just checking out the houses in the nei...
Those of you who serve the older population know that serving this group of individuals takes additional caution.  As Realtors we need to always be aware of any possibility of being seen as taking advantage of seniors. That's partly why I earned the Seniors Real Estate Specialist designation.  I ...
Just curious as to how others handle getting other Realtors to handle your customers when you are out of town.  I was out for 4 days, of course an offer comes in on a property, affordable price (under $125K).  I expected it to come in while I was out, mentioned to the realtor it was a referral an...
I've been physically active all my life.  Over 30 years ago I started running for my health.  I'd quit smoking and knew I needed something to keep me from going back to it, so I took up running.  I've added cycling and yoga to my routines to keep in shape. Things happen though, we get used to our...
Anyone have any suggestions on how to capitialize on the CRS designation?  While the classes that are taught are the best I've attended since I've been in real estate and I incorporate much of what I learn, I'm always looking to increase my business and I look for the CRS designation to help me d...
Some of our area senior housing apartments and assisted living are seeing a slow down in occupancy.  They tell me 40-50% of their residents come from out of town seniors moving to the area to be closer to family. Listening to a new director recently, she was asking me how to get more seniors into...
I mentioned in a previous entry that I (Realtors) provide value among many ways, but one being a resource for helping buyers and sellers with vendors, home inspectors and more.  While I provide this information, I usually try and give at least 3 individuals I can recommend for any service.  Somet...
Anyone have any viable solutions for getting rid of pet and smoke (especially smoke) odors from homes?  

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