The Florida Association of Realtors published 2008 findings about buyers in Florida recently. Interestingly, 43% of all buyers were first time home buyers.  Of more interest is that 46% of homebuyers reported using social network sites. With almost half of buyers being first time homebuyers, I'm ...
There's a new service, quality star rating on this website for nursing homes. It rates the quality of the nursing home on a 1 to 5 star rating. Checking Leon County's 7 nursing homes, Miracle Hill Nursing and Convalescence got the highest ratings in all categories for all nursing...
I conducted my first First Time Homebuyer Class on November 8.  I sent out 500 postcards to rental properties, announced the class at networking groups and utilized the lender and home inspector with getting fliers out to their contacts. The week of the class, I learn another agent in our office ...
I took the CRS Staging Class this week taught by Martha Webb, who wrote Dress Your House for Success.  As always with any CRS course, the class was well worth the time and money.  Besides another designation, Certified Home Marketing Specialist, we learned techniques and skills to serve our selle...
Governor Crist signed into law a new program to help older individuals with dementia disorders. Similar to the Amber Alert, this helps notify law enforcement officials and citizens of missing senior citizens. To learn more about the program, visit the FLDE site at
I figured that since FHA guidelines will change the first of the year and homebuyers will be required to bring 3.5% down payment, perhaps those buyers sitting on the fence would be interested in buying before the first of the year. I'll be conducting my first ever First Time Homebuyer Class in No...
I didn't attend Mega Camp, but sitting in a round table session right now with KW agents and the guests our office took with them to learn what they learned in Mega Camp. So far, some of the great info is "time blocking", do that lead generation daily and keeping that disciplined schedule.  Also,...
I wrote a previous blog about this individual.  AARP read it and sent me the direct link to it.  I'd advise any and all to check it out. This woman started running after stopping smoking at 64, in 1987 and has run 80 MARATHONS since then, that 26.2 miles each run.  80 in 20 years is 4 a year afte...
I'm not 55 yet, but my brother turned 55 last month. As an early AARP member and an individual involved with the mature population I've seen the discount cards that some restaurants give, some retailers touting the Tuesday 5% discount to those over 55 and more. I'm thinking allright! this crowd g...
Tropical Storm Fay was all the active rain I needed this weekend and for weeks to come.  Actually I feel "blessed" as they like to say with no more damage than to learn that my back porch roof has 2 active leaks in it.  At my house we got 18 plus inches of rain from Friday morning until Sunday mo...

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