Tropical Storm Fay was all the active rain I needed this weekend and for weeks to come.  Actually I feel "blessed" as they like to say with no more damage than to learn that my back porch roof has 2 active leaks in it.  At my house we got 18 plus inches of rain from Friday morning until Sunday mo...
Someone with the North Florida Real Estate Investment Group sent me this link.  This is the reason I wanted to specialize with the older population, so individuals like this would not take advantage of the unsuspecting. I can understand how it would happen.  I trust people too, take them at face ...
I've run 3 marathons, all after the age of 40, and I've known women, many older who continue to inspire me with physical activity. AARP Bulletin this morning, 8-15 has a video clip of the oldest woman marathoner in the country, Margaret Hagerty, 81 who has run 80 marathons, all after 64 years of ...
I understand FAR, Florida Association of Realtors is for this new amendment.  They have some talking points on the website and one of the things they mentioned was that passage was a fairer way to fund the public school system.  Some concerns about passage are rumors of attempts to bring back the...
I met with an individual at our senior center today that is wanting to change the living arrangements for our older population. She would like to be able to build a cottage on her property to house her parents with an upstairs space for a live in caregiver. Problem is our zoning. When I inquired ...
In a networking group last week, there was mention of the bill recently passed by congress to help the burdened homeowners and to entice first time homebuyers to "get off the fence" and buy. In talking with bankers and mortgage lenders, the bill is so convoluted (typical of Congress, isn't it?) t...
I was at a vacant home this morning to meet the home inspector for my buyers inspection and when I arrived the seller was already there with the home inspector. Now there are no rules that says the seller cannot be there, but it was a vacant home and I've never had a seller in attendance before (...
Anybody read the latest Realtor Magazine?  The cover is "Step into the Limelight".  If you read it, there were several articles geared toward getting comfortable with the media, doing improv and dressing for the part.  I was disappointed and surprised that when they talked about working with the ...

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