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Marketing can be a tricky animal. Usually when you think of marketing you just want it to look nice, or in many cases you just want it to exist and be done with it. This is absolutely a waste of time and money. If that's the way you approach marketing you might as well not spend the money to have...
Hello Fellow Active-Rainers! I am experiencing technical difficulties. My last blog asked about favorite real estate management (database) software. Now that I have almost come to a conclusion, I am stuck with another big question: Which PDA phone will serve a Realtors purposes the best? I know e...
 Ah, yes….it’s that time again. Students from the Avenues to the Streets of Downtown Chico are hustling to secure an awesome pad for the next school year. Typically, the months of May through August see the most activity when it comes to student housing. These are the months when leases generally...
If anyone is interested in a link exchange with W. M. Campbell Real Estate (located in Chico, CA) please contact me.  Here is a link to our website:WMCAMPBELL.COM
  I am excited to share the W. M. Campbell Blog with all of you. On this blog we share information about the status of our current listing inventory. We also share stories of real estate related issues, as well as office news, and anything else we may come accross that is somhow relative to the b...
I posted to the questions section on active rain and have enjoyed an overwhelming response from a variety of real estate professionals. Each reponse has provided me with valuable information and advice to persue a future in real estate. I appreciate everyone's help and am really excited about joi...
Congratulations to Troy and Michelle Mischell who have just brought home their first new born baby. Her name is McKenna and she is absolutely adorable! She almost fits into the palm of Troy's hand. Michelle is one of our beloved realtors here and W. M Cmapbell Real Estate. We look forward to seei...
Are you, or someone you know intersted in purchasing a great investment property in the downtown vicinity of Chico? This would be a perfect parent/student investment. The property is located within walking distance to CSU Chico and only a few blocks away from downtown shopping, restaurants, and a...

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