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Here I go again!  I thought I had learned from the last caper with a short sale.  My client is a first time home buyer and is getting down payment assistance from a State of Florida organization. We finally found a house that would pass FHA so we made an offer.  At $96,000, our offer was 12% belo...
updated 3:27 p.m. ET, Fri., May. 16, 2008 New Page 1   WASHINGTON - Construction of new homes posted the biggest increase in more than two years in April. While it was a rare spot of good news for the housing market, analysts said it's far too soon to declare an end to the prolonged slump. All o...
In a previous blog I was opining the fantasy that home sales have shown some slight improvement in Florida.  The Florida Association of Realtors (FAR) just ran an article on their website indicating this very notion!  Home sales have statistically improved in Florida!  YAHOO!!Click here to read t...
Did you know that you can set up an IRA and put your own real estate investments in it?  It's true!  You can also put in LLC partnerships, notes, mortgages and other investments.  Here is an article I wrote for the Florida Times Union (circ. 300,000) about self-directed IRA's:   http://www.jackso...
The US is going to try some type of bailout for the foreclosure problem but what? Barney Frank, Chairman of the House Finance Committee has been talking numbers for some time now but when the Congressional Budget Office reviewed his numbers, Frank had the following to say: 4/18/2008 Frank Statem...
Jacksonville Rocks! Are real estate sales picking up in Jacksonville, Florida?  It does seem so. Anyone have an opinion? I can't find the references but I have read a couple of comments by realtors that have said they thought sales were picking up. Jacksonville has a lot going for it so it ought...
I watch the national financial picture as well as monthly indicators in the real estate industry.  I'm quite curious about the real estate industry's reaction to the daily, nay, hourly vacilations.  The dollar is slipping badly on international markets, oil is up, real estate is down.  Our trade ...

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