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So i came across this article entitled: 6 Reasons it Pays to Shop Around Before Choosing a Mortgage Here are the reasons that it gave. 1. To get the best interest rate possible Over the life of a $200,000, 30-year fixed rate loan, a one-tenth of a point difference in interest rate could save or c...
Search For A Cumming Ga Home Simple and cost effective steps to cool your house during Georgia's summer heat: Use ceiling fans to creat a wind effect to make your home more comfortable. When used with your air conditioner your ceiling fan will allow you to raise the thermostat setting by 4 degree...
One of the most rewarding experiences I have had in my life was participating in the first day build with Habitat for Humanity. Helping a mother with two teenage children whos father went in for back surgery and never made it home. In an instant their once happy life had lost feeling and directio...
As if you need another reason to choose Forsyth County Cumming Ga as your home. Newsweek recently named its Top Schools nationwide and South Forsyth High ranked in the top 1%. Only 6% of public schools made this list. South Forsyth held a 99% average graduation rate with  572 graduating seniors t...
So you may have seen the news article on titled , "Is A Housing Shortgage Coming". The article states that the nation is not building enough homes to keep up with the potential demand. With only 672,000 homes built nationwide in the April, less than half the long term run rate needed to m...
Trans Union has reported that late payments on mortgages have dropped nationwide in the first quarter. The first time since 2006. The delinquency rate dropped from 6.89 to 6.77 percent. Still high from a year ago when the percentage was reported at 5.22. Trans Union is estimating the figure to dr...
Most already have a busy weekend ahead. But if you are looking for some new way of celebrating Mother's Day here are a few ideas. We always have a lot going on but we are never to busy to keep this tradition in our family. It all started seven years ago my husband and I were married the Saturday ...
While most consumers have seen the ads and know that it is important to contact a Realtor to purchase a home, many have very little knowledge about what that 7 letter word represents. Few know that members of the National Association of Realtors work around the clock protecting homeownership. For...
Just this week announcements where made by three companies to bring more jobs to Georgia. A German company announced that it will bring 215 jobs to the Gainesville area for a wind and energy plant. This comes on the heels of a frozen baked goods company in Henry county De Wafflebakkers announcing...
According to Experian's Consumer data 1.25 million people in Atlanta or 26% of the market own an Apple gadget. (iPhone, Mac, or iPod) Making Atlanta an official Mac Metropolis and ranking us 22nd on the list of cities that use Apple products. I guess after all the complaints and this study the M...

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