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You make the call...IS that even legal..... Agent calls to tell me an offer is on the way...from a property he,or his client HAVE NOT even previewed. I was sketchy in the first place. I get to reading the offer and it is a full price offer, more then full price. Buyer asks for an inspection, asks...
Just because California has a drastic price drop does not mean you offer ridiculous low to homes i nthe midwest. Many agents are complaining of people who are offering well under 75k under even for model homes. Is it really the people's fault? What about the agents who write those offers, or who ...
04/11/2009 is the most I can get out about Family Reunion In FL this year. It was BEYOND WORDS! It was incredible education, fun evens, fabulous networking. It was great to actually meet and talk to agents that you can refer too. Rather then just hoping you pick a good one. It was a great motivat...
I'm frustrated as of late with the lack of agents to give, or recieve feedback. I have a few listings and have called agents on more than one occasion to see why their client didn't write an offer. The very thing i would assume they would do in similar situation. The same can be said when i make ...
I wanted to address the one stop shop approach. It is my observation that one stops generally offer less "Quality" of servie to the client, because they know business will come through the door. Why should they work hard if the people are just given to them. Too many times business try to cram to...

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