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  The conditions below would have been identified by a professional home inspector.  The seller could have retained a professional for further evaluation and repairs.  The seller can then present a repair document for the buyer's review.  This Monmouth County home is only three years old.  The fo...
A NEW CONSTRUCTION INSPECTION IS A MUST! Here are couple of photos from last month's new construction inspection. The brick veneer is missing REQUIRED weep holes and flashing to allow moisture to drain.  This is a defect that can damage the building materials.   The blue tape in the photo shows ...
Two days ago, I was contacted by a previous client a year ago.  He has given me permission to post this. Here's what happened.  In a nutshell, would you use them after reading this account and completing research? Here is my whole story.  I just wrote it up to share with friends... Hey friends- M...
Check out the photos of the filters from the reverse osmosis water filtration system we have at home. The condition of there filters were from 90 days of use. Just image what toxic junk we did not consume. Do your homework on water quality, from public, private and bottled water, then act. Do you...
Last week, I received a text message on my cellphone from my office that a local realtor has a "question that only I can answer". Well feeling like Radio Shack that day, "you got questions, I have answers", I curiously returned her call. Here's What Happened It turns out that during a buyer's ins...
Has anyone know the latest news about this company.
I shot this photo of 1/2 of an extension ladder tied to a step ladder with a live extension cord during an inspection.  The guy at the bottom is the counterweight to the guy at the top.
So, the NYT posts an article about the above.  This topic has been around for awhile.  While some "reports" and "studies" say it's no big deal, others have found high and unacceptable levels. Here's the consumer reports blog ; I received a cal...
Does anyone know who are the leasing/management companies for the Home Depot locations in New Jersey?

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