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After working with clients for the past few years, I have noticed there is still confusion about Google AdSense versus Google AdWords. Surprisingly, quite a few people think they are one in the same, or they are not sure what they are at all. Some who believe they know which is which, are not opt...
"I need a web site. Do you build websites?"If I simply said, "Yes," I could certainly make a lot of money. But I reply with, "A web site will do you no good if your customers cannot find you.  If you want a website, make sure it has the proper coding, ease of navigation, security, and on-page sea...
Since business owners began using pay per click advertising, there is a growing concern over Google Fraud.  Many questions have arisen, such as, "How do I know these clicks are from actual potential customers," and "How can you tell if my competitors are clicking on my ads?" First, let me tell yo...
What is an authority site?Is there a special technique to link building?What about article link building; does it really work?These are some very key questions I see in forums, discuss with other Internet marketers, and there is always a difference of opinion.  So whose search engine optimization...
Pay Per Click for Real Estate AgentsMost companies are afraid to invest in online advertising, either because they have tried it and lost thousands of dollars, or because they are afraid of losing thousands of dollars. You should be skeptical, because both those logical reasons are quite valid, a...
One Way Link Building, Stop Doing it Wrong.Free Link Building SecretsYou can have the best looking site on the Internet, but that doesn't mean you will get customers.If you are a business person who has a web site on the world wide web, then you need to get serious about link building.What IS lin...
Remember when people said, "Just Google it," and you had no idea what they were talking about?Do you have a "My Space" page? Huh?I saw it on You Tube; you have to check it out. Where?Now we have SEO.Ninety-nine per cent of the world's population does not understand what it is, or what it even mea...
"Shop around the web, and you will find the same services, for more than 10 times the price.  With over 20 years of computer and Internet experience, you receive professional, highly qualified services for less.Of course, you are always welcome to pay thousands more for the same exact services el...

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