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The data analytics kind of surprised us as well. Since we launched ScoreChoice, our alternative credit scoring product that uses the bureaus little known alternative scoring models, the results have been better than expected. This stat is based on TransUnion's alternative scoring models, Empirica...
Now more than ever: the credit score is king. With sub-prime funding practically gone, a good credit score is absolutely crucial for loan approval. This popular webinar will help you coach your customers into getting higher scores now. You'll be able to take advantage of insider knowledge from ou...
 Before and After: Six credit scoring case studiesIn these case studies we talk about specific scenarios for borrowers that truly help increase their credit scores; getting them to the benchmark scores that will enable you to put them into the various loan programs that are available. All credit ...

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Processing millions of credit reports a year gives you a pretty good idea of what works and what doesn't when it comes to improving a borrower's credit score. This blog is intended an informational online library of credit score improvement case studies, credit scoring information and resources. Any information we can give to help you improve your borrower's credit score and close your loan. Got a credit report question? Please ask, we want to help.