We did a webinar this morning with a few hundred of our friends here at ActiveRain. Ben shared his vision for the future of ActiveRain.(unfortunately I tried to record and it failed so I hope some of our members who attended will write a little bit about what they heard. If you do, and you send i...
Are you interested in a little bit of insight on how we will think about ActiveRain moving forward since Ben bought the site from the Zillow group?Inman News did a write up this week about some of the challenges we face in making ActiveRain a pre-eminent destination for consumers and real estate ...
I’m back!You didn’t think I could stay away for very long did you?When I stepped away from ActiveRain last year, I had the sincere feeling that I was leaving you all in very capable hands. Kerrie, Kris, and the rest of the team behind the scenes did a great job of keeping things moving forward.Wh...
(My Fiance and I spend a lot of time talking. About all kinds of stuff. Politics, work, our journey to get where we are. You'll see a bunch of these tandom posts in my blog in the months and years to come. Our first discusses how each of us see our role in becoming a loving couple capable of last...
Dear Spencer, I saw you playing with some Oculus Rift goggles in the office at Zillow a few weeks ago. It reminded me of how I would be positioning Zillow if I was in charge there. So I wanted to share my idea with you. Zillow is quickly becoming synonmous with 'real estate' in the minds of many ...

Bob Stewart

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