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My wife Erin and I recently bought a house. Our extended family is very much a modern one, and in the true spirit of that, we did things a little out of order, we bought the house, then we got married. (not sure if that link will work, maybe someone will let me know. Should take you to our weddin...
We did a webinar this morning with a few hundred of our friends here at ActiveRain. Ben shared his vision for the future of ActiveRain.(unfortunately I tried to record and it failed so I hope some of our members who attended will write a little bit about what they heard. If you do, and you send i...
Are you interested in a little bit of insight on how we will think about ActiveRain moving forward since Ben bought the site from the Zillow group?Inman News did a write up this week about some of the challenges we face in making ActiveRain a pre-eminent destination for consumers and real estate ...
I’m back!You didn’t think I could stay away for very long did you?When I stepped away from ActiveRain last year, I had the sincere feeling that I was leaving you all in very capable hands. Kerrie, Kris, and the rest of the team behind the scenes did a great job of keeping things moving forward.Wh...
(My Fiance and I spend a lot of time talking. About all kinds of stuff. Politics, work, our journey to get where we are. You'll see a bunch of these tandom posts in my blog in the months and years to come. Our first discusses how each of us see our role in becoming a loving couple capable of last...
Dear Spencer, I saw you playing with some Oculus Rift goggles in the office at Zillow a few weeks ago. It reminded me of how I would be positioning Zillow if I was in charge there. So I wanted to share my idea with you. Zillow is quickly becoming synonmous with 'real estate' in the minds of many ...

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