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Whenever I speak to a group, I like to end the class with a quote that is relevant and something that has impacted me. My latest has created quite a following. I get asked for a copy at almost every class. So here it is for you to enjoy. You may have already read the author before . . . "anonymou...
Many internet leads that are generated by websites are lost, marked dead or simple thrown out. Why does this happen? As I travel the country I find that lead management is still a big problem with many. Research has proven that when a consumer contacts you by email, they want an immediate respons...
  Have you ever done that? What made you decide that the information in that particular email was worthy of the inboxes of your family and friends? Value, a thought, a feeling to help them live better, have a better day. What type of message do you send to your prospects and clients? Does everyth...
It is 10 o’clock Monday morning – do you know where your company’s reputation is? As sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook become intertwined with business uses, real estate companies need to establish guidelines and best practices. Whether we want to admit it or not, companies are learning ...
The real estate industry has finally gotten the message. The consumer wants information fast, furious at the speed of . . . your email, text, facebook app or twitter app. According to the 2009 NAR Report on Technology tools used by REALTORS® 45% of us have now adopted and email enabled phone. Con...
FREE WEBINAR July 30 at 11 A.M. Quickbooks for Real Estate You are Invited! Back by popular demand, we are offering another FREE WEBINAR. This one will feature Ed Freeman, a comptroller for small businesses. His expertise is using Quickbooks and how easy it is to keep track of your real estate b...
  Just came back from a few days of "living on the farm." My husband is building a compound for a client at their retirement farm in Pennsylvania. Since he was going, I went. i spent three lovely days looking a green rolling hills and valleys, reading, walking and thinking.I think this sign was t...
  Facebook is one of the most hyped web service/platforms right now. Many people have already found Facebook to be a valuable addition to their web marketing strategy. Why? Because Facebook social networking can effectively connect you with potential clients, with no cost and minimal effort. Cons...
Video has consumed America. A tiny English woman sang herself into our hearts this week and convinced millions of the power of video. Video allows an emotional connection with your friend or fans, you are able to communicate to more of the senses using video. So we need to get started . . . now. ...

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