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Recently I was asked to present at the Connecticut Association of REALTORS Politics Grassroots event. I spoke on using Social Media to bring forward political issues in our state. I can now say I am hooked. Have you ever seen TweetCongress? It is a place to find twitter feeds of all the politicia...
  Mobile computing is one of the areas of technology I am exploring this year. Think about it . . . we have evolved. Those who can remember when computers filled a room (yeah me) are just amazed at how fast mobile technology has grown. According to a report I read back in 2009, tech cycles tend ...
I just posted an article on how to use the product to help manage who to follow on Twitter. Here is an example of an email you receive from Topify when someone follows you.They call them Power Twitter Email Notifications!     For the complete article click here!   I really enjoy the pr...
Join us for a Webinar on February 17 at 4 p.m. ET ONLINE with Brad Carroll from where we will discuss the 5 critical components that consumers want from your website!   Click here to register! Space is limited. Reserve your Webinar Seat Now at:
On the road again, still preaching reputation management. I just found a great Ebook that is authorized for sharing through Creative Commons. If you don't know what creative commons is check it out here. In the mean time visit this link to download a 21 page ebook on how to use Google Alerts: Cli...
With the holidays here, there are lots of gatherings. I am getting to see lots of friends, neighbors, family that I don't get to see throughout the year. Its fun. Lots of fun. And . . . fattening. I can't stop eating all the good food, and catching up, laughing and having a thoroughly good time....
After a class that I taught at TriplePlay this December, a student camp up to me and said these words "All this tech stuff is easy for you, how can I figure out what works for me? I started in on some suggestions . . .  then I stopped. It has not been easy for me. I am baby boomer who worked on ...
  Right now I am writing an online course on Internet Risk. One of the topics focuses on how to monitor your online reputation. They are lots of tools out there, free and for a fee. Let's explore some of them.If you did nothing else with social media, monitoring what people are saying about you, ...
Read a great post about the New Real Estate Consumer by Mathias Bergendahl, Director of Marketing & Communications at Pinellas Realtor Organization in Florida. His blog post says Consumers have changed. Gone are the days when they’d be content waiting for a reply to an email for 24 hours as the p...
If you own a Blackberry then you’re probably appreciative of the amazing ease of use as a business tool. The keyboard makes sending and answering emails very easy. The ability to sync with your contact management system keeps your calendar, contacts and email at your fingertips. Make sure your do...

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