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Tech News for the tech hungry and tech savvy REALTOR. Lets have some fun with this stuff!
Hey All, As many of you know we had to cancel 6/13 free webinar. It has been rescheduled for Monday, June 20 at 1:00PM EST. We hope you all can make it.  
How fun! Great promotion for all you Harry Potter fans out there. Even if your not a fan take the opporutunity to get yourself an amazing Kodak Printer. This is perfect for Real Estate Agents. I use all Kodak products and love them.Hi again Activerain, Well - this post is decidedly different, but...
Often times I find myself running around with my laptop and needing an Internet connection. I've hooked up to the public WiFi networks around; a good option when they're there. I've had the Verizon WiFi card; a costly, but decent option. But about a year ago, I found the very best option around ....
I recently taught an iPad class and showed how easy it is to sign contracts, do listing presentations and deal with buyers. Here is a list of three top apps that can help you manage your business: Estatepad: Written by a fellow real estate professional in New Zealand, this contact management too...
You may have heard people wary of logging into public WiFi spots fo security reasons. Public Wi-Fi hotspots are usually unsecure. Your local coffee shop and the airplane WiFi, for example, want to make it convenient for you to connect. So that same lack of security that makes it easy, also makes ...
I am sure you have heard the buzz about QR codes. There's a big debate on whether these little squares of black will actually turn into a useful tool for real estate marketing or whether they will go by the wayside.If you want the long term, it's called the Quick Response code and looks similar t...
Facebook, video and online marketing are all highly effective ways to generate qualified sales leads but how do you do use them effectively and affordably?You'll get the answers to these questions and more when you register and attend the upcoming Webinar Summit on May 24th. REALTOR® University i...
What if you could improve profitability, increase efficiency and manage risk more effectively with a single solution?  You may want to consider Working in the cloud or Cloud ComputingWhat is Cloud Computing? Cloud computing is Internet-based computing, whereby all your resources - files, software...
Communicating with your database is essential for business.  I think you know that already,  but sometimes we need a little reminder. It is the core of your business. Past Clients - As much as you may not want to think of it - they will forget about you if you don't stay in touch. Keep your name ...
One common thread of questions I hear in all the seminars and courses I teach on marketing on line is summed up in these questions: What do I do first? I am overwhelmed, I barely enough have time to do my real estate business How do manage mytime - when trying to implement new marketing? I don't...

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