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Tech News for the tech hungry and tech savvy REALTOR. Lets have some fun with this stuff!
I am writing an article on how social networking is impacting our industry. So many of us try to change our existing products when what we really need to do is change the process of receiving our products.Here is a great video I stumbled upon entitled W...
Just finished reading a timely article about cellphones in USA Today. You can access the article at  Function Fatique . It brings to bear a complaint I hear in my technology classes all the time: too many functions, too hard to use - and TERRIBLE phone reception. Hopefully as we get more tech sav...
Starting this month, I will have a monthly podcast called Tools of the Trade for your listening pleasure. If you visit and click on "How to Subscribe" you can receive the Podcasts every month right into your ITunes and IPOD or other MP3 Software. This months topic features an...
81% of consumers go online before ever calling or emailing you. In essence the first showing of your home is online. Photos are the number one item that consumers want . . . and lots of them. But many of us have gotten away from writing good copy for our listings. All I have seen lately, yes I am...
A student came up to me on break in a recent class, all excited about what she had just done with her TREO 650. She had received a call from a buyer prospect wanting more information on a home. She started up the web browser on her TREO and went to her website, copied and sent the link to the cli...
As I was walking through our technical support call center the other day, one of our Tech Hotline technicians was proudly wearing a shirt with those very words. I chuckled as a made a sly comment about his "geek-wear" but then realized how true those words are.Yesterday's computer whiz (OK, polit...

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