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Okay, here is it a little break from usual posts about TECHNOLOGY. It is why we work so hard, to give opportunity to those we love and who love us back. My son at school abroad for his Junior Year went on a vacation to New Zealand. Check out what he did:
Been traveling, speaking for the last two months non stop and not enough time to stop and blog. So I decided I will blog about where i am and what I am speaking about.This week - in the fine state of Georgia. Stopped to have lunch with Bennett Hutt of Eneighborhoods. He turned me on to a great ne...
"Real estate had somehow missed the boat on the lessons of search," said Rowles owner of MainRhode. And so Rowles and his counterparts at Century 21 set out to change that.John Rowles, of MainRhode,  is a former buyer with the company where I am licensed. He then became our website company  I was...
It is January 27, 2008 and there is an event happening in my town and the neighboring town called "Shining Peace Upon the Petits". A local family was the subject of a brutal home invasion a few months ago and the community is still feeling the effects. We all hope that the the violent people who ...
Inman Connect, was just that  - connecting with great professionals from around the country and connecting with new ideas and strategies. Here are my top five "connections."Social Networking works  - we twittered, we blogged, we emailed, we text messaged and yes, WE MET. Linda Davis is a well kno...
NAR is turning 100 years old this year. Think where we have come in 100 years. Think how fast our business has changed since the mid 1990s with the introduction of the internet into the business sector.  With this anniversary in our midst it is time to think about new standards of performance for...
Finally, video finished. Here is video one. This has been a wonderful learning experience, working with video. I always work with and experience the tools that I speak about in the my classes. I must say I am becomming a video blogging fool. Ther is something magical when you have a video camera ...
Sitting at home with the kids home from college. My son just showed me a great video on YouTube call the "Web Crash of 2007" Put out by Onion. Enjoy! 
Email is out of control. I have been doing a simple email review in class and students seem to enjoy it. I present it here for your review! You represent yourself and your company in your e-mail correspondence. 1.  Get to the Point.Be concise in your e-mail message. Your recipients may have hundr...
This interesting post was forwarded to me from my friend (who is a REALTOR). This is her nephew who writes on stocks and gets paid by AOL for his blog! This post was after a conversation with his REALTOR aunt.

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