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It is so simple yet so few people utilize the help sections of each social media platform. I get questions on a daily basis from fans and clients which I often direct to the specific help page for the answer. They are the best place to start learning about a new social media site you might be int...
Brace yourselves ... on March 30 Facebook will automatically switch over your business page to their new timeline format! Whether you like it or not. You are probably seeing notifications at the top of your profile/page that you have the option to switch over to the new timeline. Once you have u...
An in-depth discussion on how real estate agents and brokerages can generate business by creating and marketing their mobile presence. We will cover topics including: why going mobile is so important, best practices for creating a mobile website and app, effectively marketing your mobile presenc...
I must first remind you about copyright laws and fair use agreements: Music is considered licensed work by musicians, and unless they grant you permission to use their music on your videos, don't. YouTube has arranged some audio clips from musicians that you can use on your videos. If you create ...
Tumblr is a multimedia rich microblogging platform that allows users to post text, images, videos, links, quotes and audio to their short form blog. If you haven't started blogging but want to give it a try this is the perfect platform to get started. It is amazingly easy to use. Their numbers ar...
A strong brand helps you focus your energy and engage your clients with a clear message. Because of technology we process more information per day then ever before, if you are not strongly branded and instantly identifiable, you will be lost in the piles of data that are thrown at people every da...
Just becuase an image is on the web doesn't make it available to anyone to use. If you are using photos for your website or blog you need to be aware of what photos you are using. There are many sites that offer low cost or no cost images. Sites like creative commons and bigfoto to name a few. Of...
As we create more and more profiles online, a social media card may be a good solution. Our personal information was once manageable. Today we are overwhelmed by our online information. Every day more profiles, more contacts, more content, creating new problems for consumers and businesses. What...
You can perform a simple search of your local areas on Facebook to find who is talking about the areas where you work. Let's perform a simple search of "Moving to West Chester." Type in the search box at the top of your Facebook page, then click "See results for moving to West Chester" in the box...
Akismet is one of the best tools to cut down on spam comments in your Wordpress blog or website. Without it you will be inundated with silly comments, links selling stuff and just plain silliness! And once a spammer finds an unfiltered site you are really in for it. If you use you w...

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