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You probably know about the Economic Recovery Package that includes the 1st time home buyer tax credit of $8,000.  Shouldn't we utilize this information to encourage all the 1st time home buyer to look for house at this time? This program is good for the house that is purchased between 1/1/09 and...
Hi this is Sara Im again, I want to share with you an idear to help you sell in today's tough market.  One of the major factor that make it difficult to sell now is the buyers cannot get financing.  In this issue, I'm going to give you one idea that will help you open up your market much wider.  ...
Hello, My name is Sara Im and my husband is Sophann Im.  We are with Ace Value Properties from Tampa, Florida.  we buy, lease and sell houses in Greater Tampa area, Florida.  We also buy real estate notes secured by single family residence or apartment building.  Please visit my website.  Let me ...

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