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My mother- and father-in-law live in the "thumb" of Michigan, in a rural community.  Recently, my wife, kids and I drove up to their home to help them clear some dead trees and scrub off their land.  While we were there, my wife and I took a break to buy some supplies and ended up stopping at a ...
As the spring weather continues to get nicer in Michigan, I see more and more of my neighbors walking their dogs in our subdivision.  And, of course, my family has resumed walking our Puggle around the neighborhood, too.  Puggles are a cross between a Pug and a Beagle.  They have a Puggish face ...
Over coffee this morning, I was reading the novel Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe.  As I enjoyed my Traverse City Cherry dark roast, I came across the following quote in the book: "If a child washed his hand, he could eat with kings." What a marvelous proverb!  It's a simple adage, but the im...
  This week I had lunch with a client at a nice restaurant.  The gentleman with whom I shared a repast is someone I've worked with for about two years now, and we have developed a friendly relationship.  In addition to helping him with commercial title insurance, I usually meet him for a meal ev...
I have been a bit under the weather lately.  To recuperate, I was convalescing over the weekend with a good, if obscure book, called Beyond Life by James Branch Cabell.  In reading it, I came across the following quote, which I found worthwhile enough to share: "...And while it is well enough to...
Although social media has been around for a while now, I was recently struck by yet another example of its odd diversity when I learned about the death of Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez from Facebook.  A college friend of mine posted an announcement on her page, which appeared on my Facebook ne...
I live in a suburban neighborhood, and around the corner from my subdivision is a church.  It's not a church I attend, but since I pass by it every day I can't help but read whatever signs are put out.  Sometimes the postings are spiritual, sometimes humorous, but almost always thoughtful. Becau...
Along with millions of others, I watched the Superbowl yesterday.  Superbowl XLVII was an exciting game!  The outcome wasn't determined until the final play.  Of course, in addition to the football contest itself, the television commercials during the game have come to generate their own interes...
Last Friday I went to a meeting put on by a local sales training company.  Because I am in a business development role with Stewart Title, I like to occasionally attend such meetings both to: 1) network with commercial real estate brokers, who also tend to frequent these events; and 2) pick up s...
Happy New Year!  Although we're into the 3rd week of 2013 now, I still give and receive that greeting with clients and friends I see for the first time this year.  And yesterday I was at a meeting where New Years' resolutions were still discussed.  I attended a business referral group session, w...

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