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That is right, why only use video for lovely, glamourous estate homes! Fixer Uppers are a great candidate for video tours, because the buyers are eager to buy them. The video tour will allow them to have a "video-checklist" of what has to be done. I see how fixer upper buyers go on home tours wit...
Check out our YouTube Channel on how to make real estate videos. YouTube now has a "High Quality" version of all HD video that is uploaded. The quality is amazing! I hope these videos, about 14 when all are rolled out, will help real estate agents ...
Ok before we get to pricing, I own two Sony HDR HC-7 (current market price $999.95) and one JVC VS200 (long discontinued).The prices on the low end are:Panasonic HDC-DX1 $519 Canon HV10 $649Sony HDR-UX5 $669 Most of the models are priced in the $800 to $1,000 range.Sony HDR-HC5 $749 Sony HDR-UX5 ...
Hello Real Estate agents,Thanks in advance for your input on this question.If you are not sure what this HD/HDV stuff is all about here is a quick crash course.HD video is 1920 x 1080 pixel size for each frame.HDV (note the V) is 1440 x 1080 pixel size for each frame.All "affordable" video camera...
One of the most common complaints about video Tours is the poor quality of the video and stalling or unsteady video flow.In most cases the two complaints can be easily alleviated by using a new technology called Flash.However, hosting and delivering quality and non-stalling Flash video is expensi...
This idea was just passed on to me by a real estate agent. Wow, it really makes sense, as the listings exposure to "drive by" traffic is limited. All video Tour production companies will gladly film the neighborhood to give prospective buyers an idea of what is inside the gated community. In this...
What do you think a reasonable video tour length is?Comment added Sept 7th by Robert:Thank you for your responses. They have been helpful in determining the functionality of a new product that we will launch early October 2007.This new product will allow viewers of homes to select "detail or quic...
Those lovely folks at the fridge magnet companies are sending out their shiny catalogs for 2008.Ok, so you don't provide videoTours just yet.Why should you mention that you provide videoTours on your fridge magnet promo...Cause in 2008 folks looking at your fridge magnet promo may be looking for ...
i was thinking of helping out one of the local non-profits.there are alot of non-profit events and groups here Tracy Ca, i just do not have the time to contact the organizers, sio i guess an open offer may be the best ideaany ideas or suggestions who may need a videoTour "pro bono"?

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