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Absolutely in this case!  The Humane Society of Catawba County has been chosen by Buffalo Wild Wings Grill and Bar as their charity of choice in Catawba County for 2010.  Every Monday when you eat you only have to drop your receipt into the designated jar at the check out counter and a portion of...
I noticed a disturbing trend in my blogs from last year - negativism!  Bad!  Not the way I want to do business and not what I truly have to offer - my apologies and on to a new year.  The banks in this area are looking for business again, which is a good thing.  The tax credit for homebuyers is f...
Do we as agents have to take what people say about us?  Where is the limit on how we can respond to threats of adverse blogs and false accusations?  I certainly don't want to get in to a contest of who can say what to who, but it doesn't seem fair to be in the public target range for whatever the...
Sometines it's easy to get caught up in the day to day stress and flow of real estate sales and forget about one of the main things we can offer to our clients.  Access to the community!  My clients know they can go to www.abarrier.com and find out what's happening at the art museum, the historic...
I keep waiting for the bottom, and I hope we hit it last fall and winter.  Although foreclosures are still coming on the market daily and the phones are still too quiet, there is a difference in the air.  People are emailing more and phoning less.  I have gone ahead and made an investment in my w...
I just came through the most horrendous ordeal of over 30 years in sales and business.  This woman has driven me to drink (a very short drive) and almost to insanity and sickness.  For some reason, I just couldn't get rid of her.  I kept thinking about the commission on these tough times and also...
First of all - a huge thank you to Vickie Burton for the referral!  Referrals are the back bone of my business, and I take each and every one very seriously.  When a friend, client or another agent takes the time and effort to tell someone about you and put you in touch with that person - Wow! wh...
I know that there are many investors and other buyers out there who aren't going to let the media scare them away from making the right moves.  In Hickory NC, our overall MLS sales were down 23% but our inventory remains the same.  Do you know what that means?  We have sellers who are anxious to ...
This year has really started off well.  I have several new listings, and I feel very confident about them selling - and yes, this year! Interest rates are low, inventory is high, and buyers are started to move again. I am finding that the banks are still skittish and making sure the i's are dotte...
Yes, we're in a buyers' market here in Catawba County and Hickory, NC.  However, let's translate that to ... we have buyers!  Buyers need inventory, so it's a good time to put your house on the market and get it sold.  First and foremost, the house must be at it's peak condition.  As an Accredite...

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