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The Nutmeg Lawyer Blawg was profiled in this week's issue of the Connecticut Law Tribune. As you can imagine, it is always an honor to be interviewed by one of the leading legal publications in the nation. The Tribune is a great source of information for cutting legal news and developments in the...
 Gizmos and Gadgets for Attorneys Realtors and Mortgage BrokersAside from running up the court house steps to file a last minute motion , the life of an attorney can be rather sedentary. Coupled with a steady diet of fast food on the run, long hours and stress, it can be a pretty unhealthy lifes...
I am happy to report that Podorowsky Thompson & Baron has opened a new office in the city of New Britain. Located in the heart of the city's "Little Poland" neighborhood our new office offers extended evening and weekend hours, monthly legal seminars, and will make us one of only a handful of la...
I bemoaned the fact that so many attorneys have begun using twitter. To be honest, I viewed the practice akin to Jr. High students texting gossip about each other in 140 characters or less. With so little space to write, I thought using the service was a waste of time. Did I really need to follow...
Run out of business cards. I ran across a website called where you can set up a free way to text your business card to your clients. Just provide your username and cell phone number and you will be set up in seconds. I decided to try it out for my self. Text LAWBARON to 50500 and you ...
 For many, buying a home will usually be the largest and most expensive purchase of your life.  Of course, this can often mean you will be met with clients with lots of questions and anxiety.  As such, it is important to put your client at ease as much as you can.  Understanding the closing proce...

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