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How To Use Your Own "Pre-Purchased" Domain Name on the ActiveRain Outside BlogsThis applies to members with Outside Blogs that want to use an existing domain name purchased elsewhere. "Each new ActiveRain Outside Blog comes with a free custom domain name.  But what if you've already purchased a d...
Great info on posting your iisting! Thanks Jeremy!Effectively Posting Your Listings to Your Blog. Posting your listings to your blog is something that any agent loves to do.  It provides exposure for the listing which makes the seller happy & also gives your blog an additional posting of content....
 At times we will be refeaturing this post so new members can see it and as we add some of your excellent posts to this list of Resources! The wonderful thing about Active Rain is the fact that members share their knowledge with each other. Several new members have asked about a help facility and...
The following are the ActiveRain Community Guidelines. For an expanded explanation/definition of each point, simply click on the highlighted links. Respect the Real Estate Industry  ActiveRain is a place where real estate professionals can network with their peers and discuss industry insider top...
Weltanschauung:  The guiding principles and philosophy of an organization. A world view.1.    We understand that the value of the ActiveRain community rests entirely with its members. We admire the spirit of real estate professionals and believe our goal is to fully engage their talents and knowl...
How To Get Started on ActiveRain - A quick route to a successful Journey on ActiveRain. The ActiveRain Staff,  along with our members and ambassadors, wish to welcome you to the community.  We know you have a choice, and we're glad you've chosen our network as a place to connect with others, supp...

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