Newport Beach, California. Saturday is going to be a day full of fun! Independence Day Celebration at Mariners Park      This is the 37th Annual Independence Day Celebration, put on by the city of Newport Beach and the Mariners Elementary School Foundation. It starts at 9:30 A.M. with a community...
  I've noticed that People aren't as friendly as they have been in the past, I am one of those people who Smiles and says "Hi" to most everyone. But I've noticed that most people seem to shy away or flat out ignore my friendly gesture, in the past (6/12 months ago) most people would return the sm...
     I know the Media is busy telling everyone "the sky is falling" and this is a really bad time to be buying a home.  I know that most people want to believe the Media is a good source of information and would never propagate stories to sell ad space and time slots. But over the last 30 plus ye...
     Ok let's work on things that as a Realtor I am asked over and over again. The list is really quite short, most if not all revolve around timing, price and value. In the past if there were a lot of houses on market it was considered a buyers market, interest rates would be higher and the pric...
    The One One Committee is hosting a golf tournament this year, it will be held at the Newport Country Club, along with a charity auction.  Dan Marcheano assures me that Golf Tournament will be one of the best events of the year.  The community has always shown great support for the Marines, an...

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This is a blog about any and all things, from the beach to school plays. I will have things about our resorts, clubs (yacht, dance and service clubs, any and all I find out about) food festivals. This is about our “Culture” what makes us Newport Beach, CA, all the local stuff.