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Informative and entertaining witticisms pertaining to all Real Estate and it's related realms. The commentary should be thought provoking within an informal environment. Statistics regarding local real estate are frequently provided as a guide to assess long and short term trends. Generally associated with all forms of Real Estate and Property development in America throughout its history.



A Bird's Eye View is the only way to really see and appreciate what we have right here in our own backyard.  The fact is that about 85% of Florida's inhabitants live within 25 miles of our shores.  Not too surprising given that at any particular point you're never more than 60 miles from the Atla...
Many times after Open Houses on Sunday I visit my favorite restaurant in Naples, Handsome Harry's.  It is on the way back to the Office on 5th Avenue and I always have some reports to write after the week ends.  Mine happens to end on Sunday evening, as it has for quite a number of years.  I've k...
The Annual Great Dock Canoe Race is set to begin in a very short time.  Gather up your friends, clean out your boat, make sure your bilge pumps are capable of full capacity.  My word, another year has flown by and we're still not 100% out of this Real Estate debacle.  If you live anywhere within ...
The Barrett Jackson Auto Auction is an event any car buff should plan to attend at some point in their lives.  I was fortunate enough to have friends in just high enough places to get me through the gates without any problem at all.  Guys, a recommendation would be to continue scooping the invent...
  I rarely re-blog but this video may change the way you perceive your life.  I am so thankful to Kristen for finding and posting this here.  Please take 3 minutes of your day and enjoy this.  I'm never here to waste your time, you are all too important to me.  COMMENTS DISABLED, don't even try! ...
Have you ever seen the TV commercial where the couple is standing at the cash register and when each of their items is scanned the register reads $0.00.  Their total ends up being a FREEBIE.  Well this has nothing at all to do with that but it can be a substantial amount of savings in the long ru...
How many of you out there have old marketing jingles stuck in your brain that unexpectedly come to life at the oddest times?  Well, that's exactly what happened here while configuring this post.  I am so thankful for those usually fond memories but like our computers I fear that this information ...

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