ActiveRain Success Stories

Hursthouse Inc (Hursthouse: Landscape Architects and Contractors): Home Builder in Germantown, IL Hursthouse Inc (Hursthouse: Landscape Architects and Contractors) said over 9 years ago,
"At Hursthouse, we want every element of your outdoor environment to be perfect."
Amina Knutson (chapman Hall Realtors Alpharetta): Real Estate Agent in Alpharetta, GA Amina Knutson (chapman Hall Realtors Alpharetta) said over 9 years ago,
"A friend called me asking about her friend who lost her job and wants to sell her house but the houses around her were selling for less than what she owes to her mortgage. I visited her friend and showed her all the option she has to make a decision based on what best for her. She chose to try short sale program, since I am experience on short sale I was able to get approval from her mortgage company in less than four weeks and we sold her house in less than 90 days. I am glad she called me. We can help our community selling one house at time."
David Zablatsky, Real Estate - Needham, MA (Avant Realty Group): Real Estate Agent in Needham, MA David Zablatsky, Real Estate - Needham, MA (Avant Realty Group) said over 9 years ago,
"Before ActiveRain I was doing alittle business and Now.. It has been picking up quite a bit
Before Activerain I knew a few people in the Real Estate field and now, i am chatting with a lot of people in the field. I am chatting all the time with people on here and away from here because of Active Rain, I am getting referrals from here(mostly rental business but i am happy with that) as well as because of ActiveRain i am higher on the  search engine, and i get comments all the time about my postings and really appreciate the comments and feedback and just appreciate so much what activerain has done for me!! I talk to people all the time and tell them about Activerain and invite people as often as I can to Activerain too. I sign on every day comment on postings, and just enjoy being on here. It has been a great experience to be part of the ActiveRain Family, to the people I have met and the connections I have made!  Activerain is a place i think anyone associated with Real Estate in anyway should join!"
wayne Furlong (Exit Realty Twin Advantage): Real Estate Agent in Murrieta, CA wayne Furlong (Exit Realty Twin Advantage) said over 9 years ago,
"Since Moving from Florida 2 years ago i have been Getting a top notch team together ready to do what i did in Florida Make my Brokage the #1 In Southern California"
Payam Bakhaje, Licensed in DC, MD and VA (DC Realty Online LLC): Real Estate Agent in Washington, DC Payam Bakhaje, Licensed in DC, MD and VA (DC Realty Online LLC) said over 9 years ago,
"I just wanted to drop you a quick note to tell you how much I
appreciate your services as I purchased my first home. I found your
guidance and level of expertise priceless. I had encountered far too
many agents, before working with you, that were too busy to work on my
schedule. You made sure to accommodate my needs (even when I was
being difficult) and I am grateful. This distinguishes you from most
other real estate agents.

I was also impressed with your extensive knowledge of the area from
Shaw eastward to Eckington and your record of success in closing deals
in these areas despite the stiff competition at some price points.
This was my desired area of focus and not many agents have as much
knowledge of these neighborhoods as you.

I knew you were an exceptional agent when you were willing to meet me
at 9pm on a Wednesday because a house just came on the market that
seemed perfect for me. When I told you I wanted to buy it you stayed
up till midnight with me writing the offer.

As you know, that contract was accepted at my lowest price the very
next morning! There were multiple offers presented in just one day of
the house being on the market but you managed to negotiate that the
sellers accept my offer with all of my contingencies, at my price, and
with the closing cost concessions I requested! This point must
emphasized because while the housing market has taken a serious hit,
the houses I wanted and in the price range I was looking for,
competition was robust and many times deals were elusive. Sellers were
typically favoring buyers with 100% cash with no contingencies.

While I did ultimately close on this house, the road to closing was
long and complicated. During this process, you gave me so much of
your time that I felt like I was your only client. However, I know
that your life was busy and that you were forced to rearrange it
multiple times to address the difficulties that cropped up while we
tried to reach settlement.

You worked effectively with the listing agent, two title companies,
and all of the utility companies to help me navigate what turned out
to be a very complicated purchase. Not only that, you helped me
secure financing that addressed my unique situation with terms that
were extremely favorable to me. By closing, I got everything that I
wanted in terms of financing rate and type, significant concessions
from the seller, and ensuring the condition of the property was what I
wanted by the time I took possession.

I will be happy to recommend your services to all of my friends who
are looking to purchase or sell a house. You are an exceptional
professional that displayed poise, experience, and knowledge
throughout the process.

Judy Pool Homan, Personal Service, Professional Results (MASTER REALTY TEAM): Real Estate Broker/Owner in Keller, TX Judy Pool Homan, Personal Service, Professional Results (MASTER REALTY TEAM) said over 9 years ago,
"I added my profile to Active Rain a few months back. In two hours one of my previous clients from 10 years ago found me. (They had moved away, so we lost touch.) Pretty impressive."
Debbie Gentry, REALTOR®, Real Estate Expert in The Villages Florida! (eXp Realty, LLC): Real Estate Agent in The Villages, FL Debbie Gentry, REALTOR®, Real Estate Expert in The Villages Florida! (eXp Realty, LLC) said over 9 years ago,
"I receive many ActiveRain contacts each week. I believe it is because folks that are looking for an expert in The Villages Florida recognize that I have obtained a large wealth of knowledge concerning The Villages. Plus the fact that I "Live in The Villages, Play in The Villages and Sell in The Villages"! Please contact me as soon as you know the date you are headed to The Villages for a visit. I would love to meet up with you and show you the homes listed by the Realtors in The Villages! You need to work with a Sales Rep from The Villages plus a Realtor like me to see all of The Villages house listings!"
Kristi DeFazio, Colorado Springs Rea lEstate 719-459-5468 (RE/MAX Advantage): Real Estate Agent in Colorado Springs, CO Kristi DeFazio, Colorado Springs Rea lEstate 719-459-5468 (RE/MAX Advantage) said over 9 years ago,
"I have had many positive things happen since joining Active Rain. Today was the first actual closing I had as a result of my blog. I had a really super buyer call me off of a post I wrote about some condos. He didn't end up buying from those condos, instead he bought a townhome that was much nicer. He found me through my blog and we closed today. Not only did I gain a paycheck today, but angreat friendship. Thanks Active Rain! My advice to others would be to make it Hyper-Local!"
Carla Cameron, REALTOR 509.680.1338 ( Real Estate Agent in Portland, OR Carla Cameron, REALTOR 509.680.1338 ( said over 9 years ago,
"Since joining with Active Rain I can actually find my name listed in the search engines!"
Michael Maynard, "Welcome Home!" (New Neighbors Realty): Real Estate Agent in Milford, CT Michael Maynard, "Welcome Home!" (New Neighbors Realty) said over 9 years ago,
"Have just recently began to use the power of blogging here on ActiveRain. So far so good!"
Kim Santoro (COLDWELL BANKER): Real Estate Agent in Danbury, CT Kim Santoro (COLDWELL BANKER) said over 9 years ago,

Do you have any good testimonials that clients have provided you in the past? Be sure to add them here.

Ryan Riedy, Buyer & Listing Agent Scottsdale (Realty One Group, Inc.): Real Estate Agent in Scottsdale, AZ Ryan Riedy, Buyer & Listing Agent Scottsdale (Realty One Group, Inc.) said over 9 years ago,
"Well, I am fairly new to ActiveRain. I created a free profile in 2009 and just let it sit. It was early 2010 when i actually had a Realtor contact me and send over one of their clients for a new FHA loan. After that, i just recently signed up to be a Rainmaker and take advantage of all the features.. Will keep you posted!!"
Cynthia Larsen, Independent Broker In Sonoma County, CA: Real Estate Broker/Owner in Cotati, CA Cynthia Larsen, Independent Broker In Sonoma County, CA said over 9 years ago,
"A close friend of mine here in Northern California asked if I would please help her find a good agent in San Diego. Her son is in the Navy and he and his wife were ready to buy a house with a VA loan. I went to Active Rain, typed in "VA Military San Diego Real Estate" and up popped RainMaker Lorraine Santirosa who specializes in military relocations. Lorraine and I had a great conversation and I felt really good about her qualifications, SHE WAS PERFECT. I referred her to my friend and they closed last week. I really don't think I could have found an agent that quickly with the perfect skill set if it hadn't been for Active Rain."
GreatSoutheast Flooring (Great Southeast Flooring America): Real Estate Agent in Alachua, FL GreatSoutheast Flooring (Great Southeast Flooring America) said over 9 years ago,
"We're always here to assist you in any way with your flooring needs."
Denise Seifried, SFR (RE/MAX Grand): Real Estate Agent in Katy, TX Denise Seifried, SFR (RE/MAX Grand) said over 9 years ago,
"I have been on Active Rain for 2 years now and had 2 contacts without even writing a blog-it is on my list to do! Learn so much just reading here daily**"
Bob Willis, Orange County & L.A. County Real Estate Agent (Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices California Properties): Real Estate Agent in Orange, CA Bob Willis, Orange County & L.A. County Real Estate Agent (Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices California Properties) said over 9 years ago,
"On April 20, 2010, I received an email through Active Rain from someone who needed to sell their parents' home. They wanted me to call them, which I did immediately, so we could talk about putting the house up for sale. I met with them on Saturday, and we put the house on the market. Thanks to Active Rain, I was able to give it Massive Exposure on the Internet. However, it was sold through another agent in my office. We have a large number of great agents in our office who work with a lot of buyers. So, when I market a property for sale, I am going to find a buyer either through my Massive Exposure program, or through one of my associates in the local real estate market. Escrow closed June 25, 2010, just about 2 months after first contact. My success story is a result of being seen on the Internet, via Active Rain, pricing the property correctly, providing Massive Exposure and having an extensive network with local agents who work with buyers."
Janet Goldrick (Keller Williams Realty): Real Estate Agent in Holdrege, NE Janet Goldrick (Keller Williams Realty) said over 9 years ago,
"After a friend of mine had a bar on the market for years, he finally decided to list with me and guess what? I sold it. Love selling commercial, residential and agricultural real estate!!!
David Gudmundsen (SJ Fowler Real Estate): Real Estate Agent in Mesa, AZ David Gudmundsen (SJ Fowler Real Estate) said over 9 years ago,
"I had a property owner found me through active rain and I ended up buying the property. Thanks active rain."
Leslie Tapp (Your Team Realty, Inc.): Real Estate Broker/Owner in Joshua, TX Leslie Tapp (Your Team Realty, Inc.) said over 9 years ago,
"A client saw one of my signs near her home and looked me up on Active Rain. She emailed me and said that she wouldn't even consider another agent, that from my profile she knew I was the right agent for the job. I listed her home, had two offers in less than a week and closed it 30 days later."
Debi Myers (Homes At Lake Norman): Managing Real Estate Broker in Huntersville, NC Debi Myers (Homes At Lake Norman) said over 9 years ago,
"Debi, along with the Broker-in-Charge trains and mentors all agents on our team to become familiar with the current and recent inventories of available homes, area trends in valuation and time on market - key information for both buyers and sellers. Education, Expertise, Honesty and Knowledge is the structure for providing outstanding service that she requires from the entire staff at Homes at Lake Norman."