ActiveRain Success Stories

The Niche Agent, Your Niche Is Our Niche (The Niche Agent): Education & Training in The Niche Agent, Your Niche Is Our Niche (The Niche Agent) said over 10 years ago,
"Been able to connect already with some highly motivated and intelligent agents who "Get" niche marketing. What a great active community."
Brad MacKenzie, Turning Houses into Homes on the South Shore (Brad MacKenzie): Managing Real Estate Broker in Duxbury, MA Brad MacKenzie, Turning Houses into Homes on the South Shore (Brad MacKenzie) said over 10 years ago,
"I am aiming to have a featured blog every 20 blog posts. It seems to me that providing interesting and useful information to my fellow 'Rainers is the best way to help them, and those are the posts that I write, anyway, that garner features. I did it again here recently with the interest rate change post, which doesn't seem like it's all about how I'm helping 'Rainers, but it is a tidbit that can really help agents close transactions with their clients. So I'm proud of that one."
Bridget "Mortgage Mama" McGee, Maryland Mortgage Mama NMLS#196068 (SWBC Mortgage 410-960-2061): Mortgage and Lending in Baltimore, MD Bridget "Mortgage Mama" McGee, Maryland Mortgage Mama NMLS#196068 (SWBC Mortgage 410-960-2061) said over 10 years ago,
"I am looking forward to a fabulous year in the mortgage business. In a time when so many lenders are leaving the business or trying to figure out what to do to get more business, we are thriving! Blogging on Active Rain has introduced me to a whole new class of Real Estate Agents. The level of expertise is sometimes almost overwhelming. I learn something new every day. Meeting amazing people who happen to be realtors who blog has been the best part of this forum.

Getting out to Margaret Rome's Active Rain open house several years ago, was the catalyst to some amazing friendship and fabulous partnerships that I know will continue to grow. I will be forever indebted to Ed R. who invited me to join Active Rain and the caring professionals who continue to encourage me to learn and grow every day!"
Ben Wismer (Coldwell Banker Burnet): Real Estate Agent in Minneapolis, MN Ben Wismer (Coldwell Banker Burnet) said over 10 years ago,
"ActiveRain has been an effective platform in promoting the Real Estate services The Ben Wismer Group offers home buyers and sellers in Minneapolis, St. Paul and Twin Cities suburbs. It has helped make this top-producing real estate group even more visible particularly in areas of specialty around the Minneapolis Chain of Lakes, Southwest Minneapolis, the Downtown Condo market, Golden Valley, St. Louis Park and Edina."
Mike Montague, "Who Moves You?" (RE/MAX Crosstown Realty Inc): Real Estate Agent in Barrie, ON Mike Montague, "Who Moves You?" (RE/MAX Crosstown Realty Inc) said over 10 years ago,
"Active Rain has proved to be a great networking tool as well as a source for knowledge and first hand accounts on the latest technologies available to our industry. It has also been the seed for new clients over the years."
Highland Beach Condos David Serle, Boca Raton Agent David Serle (RE/MAX Services): Real Estate Agent in Highland Beach, FL Highland Beach Condos David Serle, Boca Raton Agent David Serle (RE/MAX Services) said over 10 years ago,
"I have been on this forum for almost 7 years, and I have learned so much from my fellow bloggers. Thank you Active Rain for a wonderful forum, and truly helping me close 15 closings and counting. I have sold over 2 million each of the last 2 years since being a member of active rain. I have closed almost 11 million in sales in those years. Most of the success comes from finding my blog and sending me an inquiry and my online profile. I really believe in active rain and the forum. It is kind of the facebook for real estate. Although it is different in the sense that it contributes to the overall success of its members. I am glad to say I am a member of Active Rain. Thank you active rain"
Cindy Edwards, CRS, GRI, PMN  - Northeast Tennessee 423-677-6677 (RE/MAX Checkmate): Real Estate Agent in Johnson City, TN Cindy Edwards, CRS, GRI, PMN - Northeast Tennessee 423-677-6677 (RE/MAX Checkmate) said over 10 years ago,
"Yesterday I blogged about market reports and foreclosure activity in the Tri-cities area. I specifically reported on Kingsport Tennessee and it's role in foreclosures, ocally and countrywide. 3 hours later I got a call from a writer for the Kingsport Newspaper who wants to team up with me for future articles for the paper. He found me through Google alerts, via Active Rain. That to me is a HUGE success story! I'm very excited.
I just sold a home to a soldier getting back from Iraq. We did all our shopping over the internet-he came back on a Friday and found him a home on Sunday. Closing was a breeze and he is in his happy home. He found me on active rain. Thanks Activerain!
I have met so many wonderful agents on active rain and have personally met with many of them in different states along my travels. The education I have received through out my journey is amazing.
I just recived two listing leads via active rain! I love Active rain!

Thank you JoAnn!
Yes, Cindy Edwards deserves 5 Stars plus for the way she handled the listing, marketing and closing of my home. Let's face it, internet presence is the key to selling homes in today's real estate market. Cindy's approach sells houses. In fact, my buyer said the staging and photography of my home sold him and his wife in SC on the property before they set foot in it. Her creative approach minimized the unease factor of my driveway by a creative comparison video of its accessibility compared to other driveways. My buyer also mentioned that as a factor in the purchase.

Cindy did her homework and priced my house to sell, which it did in less than 2 months. No small feat in today's market.

During the time Cindy had my MLS listing, my husband unexpectedly died. Cindy said she'd have my back and take care of everything. She did. And did it well. It was the first real estate closing I attended without my husband, but Cindy was there for me. It's a level or professionalism rare today.

Like I said before: Cindy is a 5 Star realtor. You can't go wrong calling her!
Service provided
Listed and sold a home or lot/land
Street address
186 Sunny Slopes Jonesborough TN 37659
Jackie Stewart, Former Agent (No Longer): Industry Observer in Geneva, OH Jackie Stewart, Former Agent (No Longer) said over 10 years ago,
"Active Rain helps me keep people updated not only about listings and sales in the area, but also helps me keep you up to date on current happenings in and around Ashtabula and surrounding areas Its a fabulous tool for my business. It helps you find my website and makes contacting me much easier.
There's only one right choice in Northeastern Ohio for all your Real Estate needs!"
Bahman Davani, CM at Texas Five Star Realty, Plano, TX (214) 457-7055, Homes for Sale in Plano, Frisco, Prosper, Allen TX (Texas Five Star Realty, Plano Texas): Real Estate Broker/Owner in Frisco, TX Bahman Davani, CM at Texas Five Star Realty, Plano, TX (214) 457-7055, Homes for Sale in Plano, Frisco, Prosper, Allen TX (Texas Five Star Realty, Plano Texas) said over 10 years ago,
"In 12 months or so, I ranked # 6 in Frisco, TX from being below 50 last year. I have written about 160 blogs that I think it is a lot in a 12 months period."
Tom Silvestri, Helping families make the right move: Real Estate Agent in Morristown, NJ Tom Silvestri, Helping families make the right move said over 10 years ago,
"The best place on the web for blogging How To’s is Not only do they have great info on their site but they are the premier website for blogging. I could not tell you how many websites I have reviewed in my career but this company is by far the best I have worked with.

Tom Silvestri"
Andrew Mooers | 207.532.6573, Northern Maine Real Estate-Aroostook County Broker (MOOERS REALTY): Real Estate Agent in Houlton, ME Andrew Mooers | 207.532.6573, Northern Maine Real Estate-Aroostook County Broker (MOOERS REALTY) said over 10 years ago,
"I had my FCC broadcast license at age fourteen and worked at a small station, one of three in Maine owned by Buffalo Bob, Howdy Doody. This experience helping folks find lost dogs and cats, ripping and reading the AP wire news, playing songs and taking requests was a valuable one. Media, using the broadcast waves and seeing target audiences, singling out each segment out in radio and eventually tv land in a move to Bangor Maine's market.

Real estate is emotional and today a black and white Poloroid photo with a few lines of copy that worked in the late 1970's is not nearly enough to reach the property buying audience. The use of real full motion video where the sight and sound transport the viewer, listener many zip codes, times zones away is huge. Powerful, quick delivery and giving the real estate buyer the option to see more properties quickly, thoroughly from the privacy of their home on a lap top. Saving time and gas. Done on his or her schedule. Not mine, yours. Sometimes in an airport half way around the world on an Android cell phone when they learn a two hour flight delay means they are going real estate listing shopping. They have a little time squeezed out of their busy, over booked schedule in hurry scurry lives most of us lead. And the area where the sticks and bricks, or Maine land, farm, waterfront property is, that same far away real estate buyer wants, needs, will get information about your local community. From you or someone else if you don't shoot, edit, render upload the videos. Hunt and peck out the electrons to form, created boatloads of helpful blog posts. If you don't take the time to upload tons of local images so that out of town real estate buyer knows what your area is like. And from the passion, excitement that oozes out of your media work, to know loud and clear this guy or gal is some kind of happy to live where they do. To list, market, sell property, Maine real estate. My earlier media training, degree in broadcasting and film, journalism courses and nine year career before the thirty one year real estate profession are a perfect match to prepare me for today's market needs. Creating a powerful one two punch for audience delivery reach, frequency. I am in my right place under the sun and can not wait to get to work each day, to find new ways to deliver harnessing the many media options the Internet affords. The place, Global Village where 85% of folks go to find anything these days."
Cliff Keith, Redwood City Real Estate (SF Bay Homes): Real Estate Broker/Owner in Redwood City, CA Cliff Keith, Redwood City Real Estate (SF Bay Homes) said over 10 years ago,
"I guess one of my successes of ActiveRain is reaching the 100,000 point mark. It is not an easy feat but not so hard as to discourage one. A daily visit to ActiveRain is a great start and a happy habit.

Thank you to all those who supported me with their comments on my posts. Especially when I was only one point from the 10,000 level."
Matthew DeFede, Top Broker in Nutley New Jersey (Realty Executives Elite Homes): Real Estate Broker/Owner in Nutley, NJ Matthew DeFede, Top Broker in Nutley New Jersey (Realty Executives Elite Homes) said over 10 years ago,
"I have had great success with Active Rains blog and platform, I am an active user and I find it to be a great resource for agents as well as Home Buyers and Sellers"
Nicole Kraus (Signature Realty Associates): Real Estate Agent in Dover, FL Nicole Kraus (Signature Realty Associates) said over 10 years ago,
"I received a lead through Active Rain to help a couple out on a short sale. Though the couple had been taken advantage by one of those "we will help you with your short sale for XX amount of dollars upfront" I took the listing over with no fees upfront "of course" and was able to turn this negative situation around for them which resulted in a successful listing that I later was able to get the home sold. These couples are now clients for life, better yet though this wonderful pair not only has continued to use me as their REALTOR, and have referred more business, but have also become my friends."
Vanessa Saunders, Real Estate | Done Differently (Global Property Systems Real Estate): Real Estate Broker/Owner in White Plains, NY Vanessa Saunders, Real Estate | Done Differently (Global Property Systems Real Estate) said over 10 years ago,
"My Active Rain membership has given me so much, from knowledge, to referrals and most important new friendships across the country. This is a place to share, to know that you can cry on the collective community's shoulder, and to ask advice. It's the best sounding board for a new idea, with feedback from the industry's leaders. For new agents it's a MUST and for those of us that have been around the block a few times, it's a place to keep us current with technology and trends."
Bob Crane,  Forestland Experts! 715-204-9671 (Woodland Management Service / Woodland Real Estate, KW Diversified): Real Estate Agent in Stevens Point, WI Bob Crane, Forestland Experts! 715-204-9671 (Woodland Management Service / Woodland Real Estate, KW Diversified) said over 10 years ago,
"Fantastic SEO results on my neighborhood forestry and wildlife blog posts, near the top of page one of Google for each county!

I got a call a few days ago about one of our rental homes and after scheduling an appointment, and getting her name and other info, she asked what my name was. When I told her, Bob Crane, she immediatley and excitedly replied, I know you... From Active Rain.
So the next day when I met with her, I had my first Active Rain Meetup, and a very nice conversation about blogging and active rain.

Active Rain success stories

When I type in may name, Bob Crane, I used to get Colonel Hogan, regardless of what I would ad to it.
Now Bob Crane Wisconsin, yields 1. Active rain profile, 2. my twitter (with a link to all of my AR blogs)

Bob Crane, Forester" yields 1. my linkedIn profile 2. my twitter (again, with my AR blog links).

Bob Crane, Woodland" and you will find 9 out of 10 pages leading to me with my Active Rain profile right at the Top

Yes, blogging for a year on Active Rain has had an impact, and blogging as a Rainmaker for a few weeks has had a Super Impact on my SEO.

I have met hundreds of quality Real estate professionals throughout the nation with diverse locations and diverse real estate practices. These contacts and the many blog posts on Active Rain have broadened my knowledge of the Real estate profession and what it takes to be a small business person and what it takes to be a successful real estate investor.

Woodland Management Service has assisted numerous clients over the years in evaluating forestlands of all sizes from the small 10 acre woodlot to Million acre corporate forestland properties. These evaluations can vary from simple timber volumes to full scale inventories including timber values, wildlife habitat, wildlife populations, future value of timber, and other cultural and resource assets.
When working with one of our foresters or wildlife specialists an active rain real estate professional can expect to have the knowledge to fully represent their clients who are buying or selling forestland of any size and purpose.
Give me a call and we can meet to discuss your clients forestland property needs and how we can help them to meet their forestland goals.
Our foresters specialize in:

¨ Timber Sale Administration:We select, mark and measure each tree to be sold. Our knowledge of markets assure you of the highest possible price for your timber

¨ Management Plans- including Certified MFL Plan Writers:Whether the goals for your property include timber production or wildlife, a properly managed forest can provide multiple benefits for years to come.

¨ Appraisals: Planing on buying our selling your property, having an appraisal done will help you get a clear idea of the true value of the land.

¨ Thinning and Timber Stand Improvement: Forest Management increases the productivity and future value of your timber. The needs of any given woodlot will vary and can include planting, pruning and thinning.

¨ Tree Planting

¨ Many Other Specialty Services:"
Katrina Benton, Property Marketing Specialist (Come Home Inc): Real Estate Agent in Anchorage, AK Katrina Benton, Property Marketing Specialist (Come Home Inc) said over 10 years ago,
"I started blogging in March of 2014 after being inspired at KW Family Reunion. I have specialized in internet marketing for the last four years and I already had a lot of traffic to my site. Craigslist was always the #1 referral source to my site. Last month (November 2013) my Activerain blog sent more traffic to my site an any other referral source and surpassed Craigslist! My team has sold millions of dollars of real estate this year as a direct result of my Activerain blog."
Tom Burris, Texas/Louisiana Mortgage Pro - 13 YRS Experience (NMLS# 335055): Mortgage and Lending in Baton Rouge, LA Tom Burris, Texas/Louisiana Mortgage Pro - 13 YRS Experience (NMLS# 335055) said over 10 years ago,
"Since joining activerain in 2006.... The DallasLoanGuy has developed many relationships with clients and realtors alike.

activerain has made my website SOAR to unimaginable heights with the powerful SEO(search engine optimization) tools provided by the community.

I consistently get phone calls and emails from 3+ year old blog articles. And I am loving the income I make from my association with activerain."
herrington globalcom ( Title Insurance in herrington globalcom ( said over 10 years ago,
"Herrington Global Announces Results of Special Stakeholders Meeting
Herrington Globaltoday announced the results of its Special Stakeholders Meeting at which the stakeholders voted on certain proposals in connection with the Company's previously announced debt exchange offer. Holders of shares comprising a quorum of the Company's stakeholders were present or represented by proxy at the meeting.
At the Special Stakeholders Meeting, Stakeholders approved:
(1) the amendment to the Company's Certificate of Incorporation increasing the authorized shares of its stock to four billion,
(2) the issuance of the consideration offered to holders of notes in the debt exchange and
(3) the potential issuance of shares of stock or securities convertible or exchangeable into or exercisable for, common stock in connection with future debt exchange transactions in an amount up to 365 million shares.
Stakeholder’s approval of proposals (1) and (2) was a condition for the completion of the debt exchange. In addition, Stakeholders passed a non-binding resolution at the Special Herrington Global Stakeholders Meeting advising the Company to terminate its Stakeholders Rights Plan. As previously announced, the Herrington GlobalBoard of Directors, in the exercise of its fiduciary duties, will consider the outcome of the advisory vote in determining whether to retain or terminate the Stakeholders Rights Plan.
"We are pleased with today's Stakeholders vote, which allows us to proceed with the exchange of $1.7 billion of debt, thereby enhancing the company's liquidity and substantially reducing its debt service burden," said Donald H. Pang, Chairman and CEO, HERRINGTON GLOBALCorporation. "Overall we are thrilled with the results of our capital plan, which has strengthened our financial health, positioning the company toward long-term growth and profitability. We are now well positioned to seize the opportunities that we see for our online brokerage franchise. Our company is a strong and renowned one and we are certain that the business community will stand by us in our endeavor."
Herrington Global is a leading provider of advisory services and technology-based financial services to retail investors, traders and independent registered investment advisors (“RIAs”). We provide our services predominantly through the Internet, internationalpartnerships networks and relationships with RIAs. We believe that our services appeal to a broad market of independent, value-conscious retail investors, traders, financial planners and institutions."
Sun City Grand Homes Surprise AZ Real Estate Leolinda Bowers Designated Broker Leolinda Realty, Sun City Grand in Surprise Arizona (Leolinda Realty): Real Estate Broker/Owner in Surprise, AZ Sun City Grand Homes Surprise AZ Real Estate Leolinda Bowers Designated Broker Leolinda Realty, Sun City Grand in Surprise Arizona (Leolinda Realty) said over 10 years ago,
"ActiveRain blogging platform provides buyers and sellers ability to obtain real estate market updates and general information."