ActiveRain Success Stories

Suzi Hersey (Hersey Properties, LLC): Services for Real Estate Pros in Bristow, VA Suzi Hersey (Hersey Properties, LLC) said over 15 years ago,
"I often show my Real Estate Basics and Real Estate Strategies students just how effective Active Rain can be. Many of the investors who take my classes are open and willing to invest not just in their own backyard, but half way around the country. They are able to narrow down the "Power Team members" that they need by using Active Rain. I am very grateful to this community, their knowledge, and their passion for real estate. Thank you!"
Joe Freeman (Prudential Select Properties): Real Estate Agent in Saint Charles, MO Joe Freeman (Prudential Select Properties) said over 15 years ago,
"I've loved all of the helpful responses I've gotten so far! So far I've avoided paying for leads, and have made some great contacts in my area!"
Cortney Jones (E TN Home Solutions): Real Estate Broker/Owner in Knoxville, TN Cortney Jones (E TN Home Solutions) said over 15 years ago,
"I recently used ActiveRain to find a qualified, successful agent in another part of the country for a client of mine that is being relocated. I was able to find someone quickly and seamlessly and then share that with my client. They hit it off right away and the other agent made their house hunt go very smoothly!"
John Bethell (John Bethell Title Company, Inc.): Title Insurance in Bloomington, IN John Bethell (John Bethell Title Company, Inc.) said over 15 years ago,
"Active|Rain changed my lifestyle. I never felt unmotivated, but I am astounded by the heightened feeling of engagement in my work since August 22, 2008 when I posted the first entry to my blog. Blogging and social media participation are the tools of honest, transparent promotion that I’ve searched years to find. The value of this community cannot be overstated; so many intelligent, thoughtful and considerate real estate people with which to learn and share. The enthusiasm I feel from participating here carries over into the other parts of my life. It’s no coincidence that as I began to explore social media and networking that I now spend many more meaningful hours a week with my clients, my employees and my community. Face to face and virtually. My business objectives are slowly being achieved. My personal growth is exponential. How is that possible at my age? Who’d have thought I’d ever have so much to say?"
Matt Freeman, Broker- California Mortgages (Capitol Mortgage Corporation): Mortgage and Lending in Roseville, CA Matt Freeman, Broker- California Mortgages (Capitol Mortgage Corporation) said over 15 years ago,
"One of my greatest referrals partners I met here in the ActiveRain community. It was no coincidence."
Logan_Utah_Real_Estate_ Cache_Valley_Homes_for_Sale (RE/MAX Excel): Services for Real Estate Pros in Logan, UT Logan_Utah_Real_Estate_ Cache_Valley_Homes_for_Sale (RE/MAX Excel) said over 15 years ago,
"I had a question about how to handle an issue that had come up in my local market. A listing on a home I was very familiar with had expired. When it was re-listed the tax ID number had been changes so you could not see the past history. I had contacted the agent to let him know of the error, but nothing had happened. I posted a blog asking Active Rain members what I should do. I received a number of great suggestions and was able to get the issue resolved. Thanks Active Rain."
Shakim Gonzalez (CENTURY 21 Real Estate's 1st Team): Real Estate Agent in Killeen, TX Shakim Gonzalez (CENTURY 21 Real Estate's 1st Team) said over 15 years ago,
"I enjoy the networking oppourtunity ActiveRain has to offer..."
Scott Thomas ( Real Estate Agent in West Des Moines, IA Scott Thomas ( said over 15 years ago,
"Many sellers have came to us through active rain and we have listed their homes. Thanks Active Rain."
Marcus Cacchillo (Cacchillo Family Financial Services): Mortgage and Lending in Warwick, RI Marcus Cacchillo (Cacchillo Family Financial Services) said over 15 years ago,
Anthony Carter (1st Dominion Realty): Real Estate Agent in Louisa, VA Anthony Carter (1st Dominion Realty) said over 15 years ago,
"I am excited about the opportunity to work with my wife-Crystal Carter and our lifelong friends: Arthur and Ashley Kenny and Andrew and Jeannie Kenny. I am very excited abut being a newly licensed member of the Real Estate community. Being an agent allows me to use knowledge obtained in previous related fields to use in helping individuals & families realize their "American Dream." I see success in finding homes for clients everyday in this tough market because of the support and "can do" attitudes of my family and co-workers."