ActiveRain Success Stories

Christa Durfee (Data Research and Handling, Inc.): Education & Training in Memphis, TN Christa Durfee (Data Research and Handling, Inc.) said over 14 years ago,
"I am proud to be a part of this initiative. I know friends with a good credit score that rent homes even though the rent is more than a house payment . They rent because they lack the funds for a down payment. Many of these people could buy their own home with the 3% contribution toward a down payment. Home ownership gives people more respect for themselves, their employers and the community that they live in. I was one of those people 15 years ago, I know too well the barriers that are out there."
Marshall Mandell (RE/MAX Classic): Services for Real Estate Pros in Farmington Hills, MI Marshall Mandell (RE/MAX Classic) said over 14 years ago,
"Luckily, my life is my biggest success. I have a wonderful wife and family. Our kids are incredible and I am very fortunate to earn a good living and enjoy the fruits of my labors and those that arrive all by themselves."
Lawrence Perry (Catch Friday): Services for Real Estate Pros in Inglewood, FL Lawrence Perry (Catch Friday) said over 14 years ago,
"Hire a virtual assistant to manage your Twitter so you get maximum benefits from the service.

Many business executives prefer to use social media themselves thinking they need to have full control of such channels so that they can control what’s being published out there. While it is true that it is important to control the kind of information posted from your company online,it is not always best for business executives to take full responsibility for tweeting or using other social media. This is because social media require an investment in time for them to be truly effective. Managing social media accounts may not be the best thing to prioritize for a CEO or a busy business owner.

It is important to use social media in business but you need to make sure that your company is able to invest enough time on them. If you cannot invest the time to make social media marketing work, then you may not gain full benefits from social media.

The smarter option is to hire a dedicated virtual assistant who can manage your Twitter and social media accounts for you. You need to brief your VA regarding your goals in tweeting and to inform them about what your company believes in and what your products and services are. In the beginning, you can have your VA wait for your approval before uploading anything in your social media accounts. Once your VA gets the hang of using Twitter to represent your company,you can give your VA more freedom to post information using your Twitter account just as long as the messages represent your company in a good light.

You may think that tweeting is such an easy activity you no longer need to outsource it. But it is not that easy to create 140-character messages that really communicate your business’ values to clients, especially if you have a very busy schedule. More than creating creative tweets, what’s more difficult is monitoring people’s responses and conversations online. With a dedicated person who is able to monitor responses and conversations online,your company can respond quickly and appropriately. A virtual assistant who is experienced in managing online inquiries, marketing and research can really help you get the most out of your Twitter, Facebook and other social media accounts.

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Thor Sanderson (American Equity Mortgage): Mortgage and Lending in Seattle, WA Thor Sanderson (American Equity Mortgage) said over 14 years ago,
"ActiveRain has helped add on average of around twenty to thirty percent to my book of business, thanks David for turning me onto AcitveRain, glad I ended up listening to you!"
Juan JD Delgado (hibu): Education & Training in Tucson, AZ Juan JD Delgado (hibu) said over 14 years ago,
"Having an application completed by a WA resident that came across my profile on the web"
Aretha Oraine (Citizens Premier Real Estate): Real Estate Agent in Philadelphia, PA Aretha Oraine (Citizens Premier Real Estate) said over 14 years ago,

Ronnie Ray (Apollo Financial Services): Mortgage and Lending in Denver, CO Ronnie Ray (Apollo Financial Services) said over 14 years ago,
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Karin Syftestad (Centerline Homes): Real Estate Agent in Parkland, FL Karin Syftestad (Centerline Homes) said over 14 years ago,
"ActiveRain has allowed me to network with realtors in the local area and has given me additional exposure online, which helps me be more successful in the community."
Sandra Kaufman (Centerline Homes): Real Estate Agent in Miramar, FL Sandra Kaufman (Centerline Homes) said over 14 years ago,
"Active Rain is a great place to network with other real estate professionals. It also provides an avenue for potential buyers to learn more about our community and area attractions."
Andrew Smith: Real Estate Agent in Whitehall, NY Andrew Smith said over 14 years ago,
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dwyne smith: Services for Real Estate Pros in New York, NY dwyne smith said over 14 years ago,
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vernon corum (BIZIDY Business Identity Solutions): Mortgage and Lending in Fountain City, TN vernon corum (BIZIDY Business Identity Solutions) said over 14 years ago,
"ActiveRain has provided me with many personal contacts and greater visibility on the web."
Ava Terry (Avar Realty, LLC): Real Estate Agent in Huntsville, AL Ava Terry (Avar Realty, LLC) said over 14 years ago,
"Active Rain is the best platform to get information out to my colleagues, clients and prospects. I use the blogging feature every week. I have my blog linked to my personal and corporate websites. I surf the blogs of the other members find the information extremely informative."
Joe Nellis (Centerline Homes): Real Estate Sales Representative in Windermere, FL Joe Nellis (Centerline Homes) said over 14 years ago,
"This is a great site for relaying information to peers as well as getting additional exposure for listings. There are also many great articles here that help give insight to current market conditions in the area."
David Blanco (Centerline Homes): Real Estate Agent in Parkland, FL David Blanco (Centerline Homes) said over 14 years ago,
"I can easily communicate community and neighborhood information to consumers as well as connect with other local real estate agents whom all give very positve feedback about our new homes."
Lian Williams (Centerline Homes): Real Estate Agent in Davie, FL Lian Williams (Centerline Homes) said over 14 years ago,
"Using Active Rain allows me to easily network with other realtors in the area. This is also a great place to post my current listings."
Monica Burton (Quest Inspections, PLLC): Home Inspector in Magnolia, TX Monica Burton (Quest Inspections, PLLC) said over 14 years ago,
"After a tour in the United States Navy as an Electronics Technician on Electro-Mechanical shipboard and land-based Satellite Equipment, plus almost 20 years in the Computer Graphics Design Industry, the extensive experience and tenacity for assessing details of both worlds gave way to the natural instinct of the Professional Inspector... This is my FULL-TIME career, not a dabble in a part-time hobby... because I love the job, and also helping people realize and address the information they need in making sound decisions concerning their investments. I had a really great inspector when I bought my home, and remembered it... I strive to provide that same sense of satisfaction to all of my clients, every day."
Richard R. Bell, Broker-Manager, Allyn - Belfair Washington State Realtor (Richard Bell - Windermere Peninsula Properties): Real Estate Broker/Owner in Belfair, WA Richard R. Bell, Broker-Manager, Allyn - Belfair Washington State Realtor (Richard Bell - Windermere Peninsula Properties) said over 14 years ago,
"My ActiveRain Success Story comes from the perspective of a Managing Real Estate Broker. I was tentative to get involved with this thing called "Social Networking"and WEB 2.0 but was encouraged to do so by my younger and tech savvy agents. It was suggested that I take a leadership role for my Office and promote this new activity to my agents. This I have done and have learned a host of new things. My office has taken a leadership role in Social Networking in the County and State. Our small community is being talked about, potential buyers and sellers are calling the office, agents are positive and those participating in Blog posts are becoming better writers and communicators and busier. This thing turned out OK!"
James McCabe: Real Estate Agent in South Windsor, CT James McCabe said over 14 years ago,
"This is a people business, I love connecting, sharing good experiences and best practices and I look forward to giving and getting referrals!"
CIS Credit Repair (CIS credit Improvement Services): Services for Real Estate Pros in Kansas City, MO CIS Credit Repair (CIS credit Improvement Services) said over 14 years ago,
"Servicing Clients World Wide"