ActiveRain Success Stories

Dixon Team OC (RE/MAX Select One): Real Estate Agent in Huntington Beach, CA Dixon Team OC (RE/MAX Select One) said over 12 years ago,
"One closed sale this year so far from Active Rain."
Tom Larkin ( Services for Real Estate Pros in Lexington, KY Tom Larkin ( said over 12 years ago,
"Activerain has really evolved into the highest quality real estate blog resource"
Max Falco (ProNeticas): Services for Real Estate Pros in Santa Barbara, CA Max Falco (ProNeticas) said over 12 years ago,
"ActiveRain has been great for networking, we just got started last week and within one post we had critical consumer feedback that helped shaped our new programs. This is a great community to participate with."
Dr. Blaine "Doc" Ellingson, CLHMS, CIPS, CIIIS, TRC (Sotheby's International Realty): Real Estate Agent in Stuart, FL Dr. Blaine "Doc" Ellingson, CLHMS, CIPS, CIIIS, TRC (Sotheby's International Realty) said over 12 years ago,
"Active rain is an important link in effective communication with in the real estate community, and a effective portal of communication through the blogosphere to Sellers and Buyers of real property both domestic and international."
Michael Lissack (Downing-Frye): Real Estate Agent in Naples, FL Michael Lissack (Downing-Frye) said over 12 years ago,
"An agent in Miami had a major problem with a short sale (two lenders who vehemently disagreed). She posted for help at 9:30 pm and by noon the next day teh problem was well on its way to a solution. I was happy to help. And it could not have happened except for Active Rain."
MICHAEL DESARRO (Sauder Real Estate, Inc.): Real Estate Agent in Corona, CA MICHAEL DESARRO (Sauder Real Estate, Inc.) said over 12 years ago,
"I am relatively new to the business. I was told that I had to have a "web presence" to be successful. When I "googled" myself...nothing. I made my profile and posted a couple blogs. Now when I google my name, I actually show up. Very exciting!"
Luz Lake (Virtual Jersey Shore): Services for Real Estate Pros in Del Haven, NJ Luz Lake (Virtual Jersey Shore) said over 12 years ago,
"ActiveRain is a wonderful way to connect with other Real Estate professionals. My company's business is largely based on realtors and FSBO clients. We are MLS compliant. As well, we do work for al kinds of businesses including:
Auction Inventory, Automobiles, RVs, Motor Homes, Beauty Salons, Spas, Banquet Facilities, Bed & Breakfasts, New Home Developments, Churches, Campgrounds, Cities, Towns, Neighborhoods, Residential Associations, Commercial Real Estate, Corporate Offices, Condominium Units, Convention Centers, Cruise Ships, Events, Factories, For Sale by Owner Real Estate, Before & After Work of General Contractors, Golf Courses, Government Facilities, Health & Fitness Clubs, Historic Buildings, Libraries, Malls & Shopping Centers, Marinas, Boats, Medical Offices & Hospitals, Meeting Facilities, Manufactured Homes, Motels, Hotels, Resorts, Museums, Nursing Homes & Retirement Facilities, Parks & Recreation, Prof Offices (Attorney, Dental, etc), Scenic Areas, Schools, Colleges & Universities, Showrooms, Ski Resorts, Stadiums, Theme Parks, Water Parks and Vacation Rentals."
Richard & Janet OBrian, Listing Specialist Palmdale, Lancaster CA (Home Based Realty): Real Estate Agent in Palmdale, CA Richard & Janet OBrian, Listing Specialist Palmdale, Lancaster CA (Home Based Realty) said over 12 years ago,
"My ActiveRain success came at the after a surprise trip to the hospital Labor Day weekend 2009. I had been working with my first ActiveRain referral a buyer moving up to the Antelope Valley. Mid way through the transaction I got sick, real sick my wife jumped in and gave me the support I need as well and my clients. After getting better and not able to get around like before I had to find a better way of attracting clients. I hit the blogosphere like a mad-man read all I could on SEO and how to get our message out to people who needed our services. ActiveRain was my main focus giving me new areas to look for ways of doing business. Now here it is February 2010 and Janet and I are closing our seventh ActiveRain referral in 3 months! With more to come I'm sure!

Thank you ActiveRain Family and we are ready for your referral."
Jeff Rockland (L & G Mortgagebanc): Mortgage and Lending in Tucson, AZ Jeff Rockland (L & G Mortgagebanc) said over 12 years ago,
"I am just starting to use ActiveRain and look forward to becoming more effective and targeted in my internet marketing and social networking."
Chris Minion (O'Brien Realty): Real Estate Agent in Lexington Park, MD Chris Minion (O'Brien Realty) said over 12 years ago,
"I am enjoying my experience as a new ActiveRain member tremendously! The education that I am receiving is absolutely wonderful! I am learning so much! The AR friends that I am meeting from all over is fantastic! I am so glad that I joined the ActiveRain community and I am sorry that I did not do it sooner! The SEO that I am receiving is amazing! The buyer and seller leads are just starting to come in. I know that 2010 is going to be a great year! Thank you ActiveRain!"
Nicole Orringer (HomeTowne Realty): Real Estate Agent in Clayton, NC Nicole Orringer (HomeTowne Realty) said over 12 years ago,
"Reading other realtors blogs has really helped me in my business. Active Rain is a great place to gain wisdom about our industry! I love how so many people are willing to help others succeed!"
Dottie Lay (Davidson Realty Inc.): Real Estate Agent in Saint Augustine, FL Dottie Lay (Davidson Realty Inc.) said over 12 years ago,
"I work with an associate that has referral success with out of town ActiveRain Agents. Due to his out of state success, meeting agents to use for future referrals, has our team excited to join."
Aaron Osborn (PEG, Ltd. ): Services for Real Estate Pros in Houston, TX Aaron Osborn (PEG, Ltd. ) said over 12 years ago,
"ActiveRain has allowed me to reconnect and stay up with many of my colleagues from the real estate industry. I really like the ability to connect and the active communities that are provided through this network."
Erik Elsea (Erik Elsea-Jones & Co. Realty): Real Estate Broker/Owner in Fort Myers, FL Erik Elsea (Erik Elsea-Jones & Co. Realty) said over 12 years ago,
"I have made so many great connections here on ActiveRain. Many of those connections have led to referrals from others in our industry. I have also been able to find quality individuals to refer customers to out of my market area. Many buyers and sellers have either found me through ActiveRain or have used the information on here to check me out. I love ActiveRain!"
Jennifer Palmer (Integrity Mortgage Group): Mortgage and Lending in Escondido, CA Jennifer Palmer (Integrity Mortgage Group) said over 12 years ago,
"Special thanks to Steven Graham -- Active Rain Blog Trainer in San Francisco. I've been putting this "blogging" idea on the back burner for 2 years and decided I needed to get with the program, expand my lead sources and my income stream. I took his 1 hour class almost 2 weeks ago, and last week posted my first blog. I'm ecstatic to report that my post had the #4 and 5 spots on google. I just posted my 3rd blog, and again took the #4 and 5 spots.
I spent 1 week trying to set-up my blog and write it, and hallelujah it only took me an hour for my 3rd blog. Now I'm looking forward to becoming "A Google Celebrity". The key is to continue blogging to become a top recognized and trusted professional. Thanks Steve, you are the bomb!"
Dennis Giannetti (Illustrated Properties): Education & Training in Jupiter, FL Dennis Giannetti (Illustrated Properties) said over 12 years ago,
"Without question, Active Rain has provided my business with some significant benefits. For example, I have been able to connect and network with professionals in the business that understand and pursue the growth and development of their own business and the industry. I also have seen a marked improvement in search engine placement as it pertains to myself and my services.

I will also say, that on my recommendation to join AcitveRain, that many of my agent-clients have had success with this tool many times over!"
Kim Kapellusch, Staging & Design Services and Courses (Style My Space Home Staging and The Academy of Home Staging): Home Stager in Santa Clarita, CA Kim Kapellusch, Staging & Design Services and Courses (Style My Space Home Staging and The Academy of Home Staging) said over 12 years ago,
"Every time I blog on Active Rain I get twice as many phone calls the next week or two!!!!"
Brian Thomas (Innovative Real Estate): Real Estate Agent in Parker, CO Brian Thomas (Innovative Real Estate) said over 12 years ago,
"I had a client who found me on ActiveRain. She was convinced that she was in a short sale situation because of all the media hype about the economy and the housing market. After a review of her situation we were able to sell her home at a price that kept her out of the short sale range. She was extremely pleased with the results as was I."
Noreen Doyle (Buildings & Residences of Denver): Real Estate Agent in Denver, CO Noreen Doyle (Buildings & Residences of Denver) said over 12 years ago,
"I wanted to refer business to a realtor. Though she came highly recommended, I felt I needed to do more research for my client. The fact that this realtor was involved with Activerain and had a high amount of points was the deciding factor in giving her the business."
Betty Bishop (Keyes of Weston): Real Estate Agent in Weston, FL Betty Bishop (Keyes of Weston) said over 12 years ago,
"Social Media? SO much time, effort and MONEY is spent on social media and related online social networking sites these days and im glad to be a part of it. Enjoy this site "Great Leads"."