ActiveRain Success Stories

Wanda Cummings (Pro One Realty, Inc.): Real Estate Sales Representative in Pryor, OK Wanda Cummings (Pro One Realty, Inc.) said about 12 years ago,
"My success comes from good old fashioned hard work and dedication to meeting the needs of my clients. Working with people no matter the circumstances. Always treating clients the way I would want someone to treat me. My success is owed to many people just like yourselves that gave me the opportunity to show them what a Realtor really can mean to them. For all the people who put their trust in me and helped to make Pro One the best I would like to Thank You. Words can never say how much you have meant to me and now besides being your Realtor I am very happy to be known as your friend."
KAREN SANCHEZ, ...Marketing your home like no one else will. ( Reputable Realty): Real Estate Broker/Owner in Apple Valley, CA KAREN SANCHEZ, ...Marketing your home like no one else will. ( Reputable Realty) said about 12 years ago,
"ActiveRain brought me to page 1 when you google Karen Sanchez! Go ActiveRain!"
Mindy Kannon, Personal Chef and Nutrition Coach (Chew Your Rope, LLC): Services for Real Estate Pros in Wilton, CT Mindy Kannon, Personal Chef and Nutrition Coach (Chew Your Rope, LLC) said about 12 years ago,
"Dagny Eason told me about Active Rain and how much she loved this site. I immediately signed up and started blogging. I can't wait to really start making connections and building relationships. I am already addicted."
James Edmonds (Brooke Cashion and Associates of Allen Tate Realtors): Real Estate Agent in Winston-Salem, NC James Edmonds (Brooke Cashion and Associates of Allen Tate Realtors) said about 12 years ago,
"Any agent can help you through the process of buying or selling a home, but a good agent makes you feel at home while you're at it. This is a stressful undertaking, and a good agent will remove the stress and replace it with confidence. Confidence , knowing your decisions were well-informed, all of your options explored and your priorities honored.

When deciding who to trust with one of your largest lifetime investments you need someone with knowledge , experience, integrity, and good old fashioned drive to succeed. Take a moment and review our site to get a better feel for how our associates conduct business. You will come to the conclusion that Brooke Cashion & Associates can bring added value to your next real estate transaction.

Give me a call or email today and let’s talk about how we can combine efforts to give you the best experience possible or click here to sign up for my bi-monthly email newsletter which features articles relevant to today’s market trends, featured listings, community information and much more!"
Jason Frey (PureWest, Inc.): Real Estate Agent in Livingston, MT Jason Frey (PureWest, Inc.) said about 12 years ago,
"How we define success often helps define who we are as individuals, both in our professional and personal lives. At the time of this writing I have been a contributing member of ActiveRain for less than one month. I am currently ranked #1 in my local market and am climbing my way up the statewide rankings. More importantly though, I have found the ActiveRain community to be full of great information, derived from a world-class group of real estate professionals from across the United States and Canada. The willingness to offer advice, professionally critique and simply be a comforting voice emanates from more than a few members of this "community".
I gauge my ActiveRain success on a number of metrics that I continue to grow on a daily basis. Of these, I am most proud of my "Associations" and my "Blog Subscribers". Associations are just as the name implies, people whom you choose to associate with or have chosen to associate with you. Put more simply, they are your friends. Blog subscribers are fellow ActiveRain members who either find you worth following because you are knowledgeable, funny or so off the wall they cannot wait to see what you write next. Whatever the reason, you have struck a cord within that person and they can relate to what you have to say. Combined, associates and subscribers are an overwhelming network of supporters that are "on call" when you have questions about a topic or concerns about life. If you have one, you are a success.
I am looking forward to helping other achieve that success as well.

All best,
Jason Frey

PureWest, Inc.
James Thornton (NextRE): Real Estate Agent in Gladwyne, PA James Thornton (NextRE) said about 12 years ago,
"I was referred an out of town buyer from one of the most successful realtors in Bucks County. She had shown her buyers everything and nothing met their high expectations. He worked in Center City, Philadelphia and was now interested in looking at homes on the main line. I started working with them and in a very short time I exhausted showing them all available inventory in their price range. They were frustrated and so was I. They were interested in purchasing a home for under $1,200,000 but none of the inventory came close to the home with all it's features that they moved from in Colorado. I knew that I was going to have to get very creative if I was going to find them an acceptable home in their preferred price range that had the features of a more expensive home. I started to scour the multiple listings for more expensive homes that failed to sell the previous year. I looked at homes that had expired or were withdrawn from the market up to $2,000,000. I approached the owners of a home that had all the architectural features the buyers desired and began negotiating with the sellers. The sellers were initially very negative because they felt that the home they could not sell for two years was worth much more than we were offering. After a few weeks of constantly staying in touch with them they agreed to entertain an offer that we presented. Originally the home was listed close to $2,000,000, then lowered to almost $1,700,000, then down to $1,450,000 and finally a little less than $1,300,000. At $1,150,000 we finally settled. Although the sellers were disappointed with the price, the buyers I represented were very happy and closed quickly. A few years later the buyers moved on and sold the home for $1,300,000. They purchased well and made a profit when they resold. The referring agent continued to send me referrals as did the buyers. It was a lot of work but the hard work paid off. Helping families to find the home of their dreams is very rewarding and you get to meet the nicest people from all over the world."
Steven and Tascha Katz (THE KATZ CREW): Real Estate Agent in Alpharetta, GA Steven and Tascha Katz (THE KATZ CREW) said about 12 years ago,
"After almost a decade in Atlanta Real Estate Steven and Tasha have now opened their own company, The Katz Crew! With even more of a personal, professional real estate experience, you will work directly with one of us, not an assistant, machine, front desk person or employee. See what first class Atlanta Real Estate Service is about. We have many references, just ask us. See or email us at"
Chris Herford (WJ Bradley Mortgage Capital Corp): Mortgage and Lending in Edmond, OK Chris Herford (WJ Bradley Mortgage Capital Corp) said about 12 years ago,
"Being day one, My success story is that I was asked to join this community by one of my Realtor partners. I am grateful that such an active user of this site feels I will bring a lot to this community. Thanks, Kristyn!"
Francis Rolland, - Since 1985 (Coldwell Banker): Real Estate Agent in Los Altos, CA Francis Rolland, - Since 1985 (Coldwell Banker) said about 12 years ago,
"ActiveRain is a truly interesting platform. The exchange of ideas and tips is really useful, and that spans from phylosophical to very practical. The fact that one can subscribe to specific blogs of particular interest makes it always more relevant. Interested in high-tech? there is a blog for that. Interested in marketing tips? there is a blog for that too.. ;-) There are many of them in fact. I am constantly discovering something of interest on ActiveRain. Bravo!"
Dave Beckmann, Your Denver Mortgage Guy (Ascent Home Loans Inc.): Mortgage and Lending in Denver, CO Dave Beckmann, Your Denver Mortgage Guy (Ascent Home Loans Inc.) said about 12 years ago,
"I joined Active Rain to get out into the real estate community and utilize my knowledge of internet marketing to help agents that I partner with take advantage of all the benefits the Internet has to offer. As most home searches now start on the web, the information I provide will help my Realtor partners get more traction on the world wide web."
Richard D. Jackson (Bank of England dba ENG Lending): Mortgage and Lending in Tompkinsville, KY Richard D. Jackson (Bank of England dba ENG Lending) said about 12 years ago,
"I regularly read the ActiveRain blogs and it helps me to see where the market is going & what people are doing across the country!"
Charles Z. Radney, ACB, QS, DRE#01268894 (RU Prepared 2 Present): Mortgage and Lending in Fontana, CA Charles Z. Radney, ACB, QS, DRE#01268894 (RU Prepared 2 Present) said about 12 years ago,
"The the position of facillitating the Fontana/Rialto RE Roundtable I have seen the growth in the business of our participants."
Judi Boad (SOLUTIONS REAL ESTATE): Real Estate Agent in Scottsdale, AZ Judi Boad (SOLUTIONS REAL ESTATE) said about 12 years ago,
"ACCURATE REALTY GROUP has been providing great customer service to our clients for years. We are proud to announce that we not only offer professional assistance on Scottsdale real estate, we also have taken our successful models to the Seattle real estate market, where we are also guiding you in the right direction..."
Gayla Worrell, Real Estate Webworks (Windermere Real Estate/Everett, Inc.): Real Estate Agent in Everett, WA Gayla Worrell, Real Estate Webworks (Windermere Real Estate/Everett, Inc.) said about 12 years ago,
"I came to AR to blog for referrals and instead, I found my one-stop real estate resource on the Internet! The amount of information is almost overwhelming and has already resulted in some very major, and a few minor, changes to the way I do business. This has happened so quickly that I can't wait to see where it takes me in the months and years to come!"
Jonathan Bell (Keller Williams Realty Partners, Inc.): Real Estate Agent in Overland Park, KS Jonathan Bell (Keller Williams Realty Partners, Inc.) said about 12 years ago,
"Before I started to blog on Active Rain, I had never really blogged before. Actually, I HATED blogging. However, since I have started blogging and promoting my Active Rain blog to my Sphere of Influence, past clients and friends & family I have seen my leads increase significantly and I've even made one sale because of it. The amazing thing is that it all happened within the first 2-3 weeks! I LOVE ACTIVE RAIN!"
CJ Davies, Davies and DeGennaro (Davies and DeGennaro Real Estate): Real Estate Agent in Long Beach Island, NJ CJ Davies, Davies and DeGennaro (Davies and DeGennaro Real Estate) said about 12 years ago,
"I never believed that one company could get my name out there so fast and so effectively. After subscribing to be a rainmaker on active rain, I quickly learned the skills to promote myself in one of the most competitive markets on the east coast. Being an agent on Long Beach Island means that you have to differentiate your self from the hundreds of Realtors. It literally seems like no time before I can promote any thing I want on the first page of Google. The knowledge I have gained is invaluable to my personal marketing plan and has been creating value for my self and my company since day one. I highly suggest any agents who are stumped on how to grow to reach out to active rain and take advantage of the services they offer. Please subscribe to my blog on Active Rain to find out more."
Jerry Gensel (Essex Mortgage Company): Mortgage and Lending in Rancho Cucamonga, CA Jerry Gensel (Essex Mortgage Company) said about 12 years ago,
"Jerry is an award-winning professional who has worked in executive and senior management at GE Capital, Beneficial Finance, Beneficial Mortgage, Admiral Mortgage, Weyerhaeuser, WMC Mortgage, Homefield Financial, and American Home Loans. His experience includes work in consumer finance, private label credit card financing, leasing, commercial loan financing, and mortgage banking. He has handled credit, operations, capital markets, sales, marketing, compliance, and loan servicing.

Jerry Gensel is a seasoned veteran of the financial services industry. With over 30 years of experience, and an MBA in Leadership and Strategy, Jerry has the knowledge and expertise to help your business get the right start with continued support for your success."
Kevin Fruh (Keller Williams Realty): Real Estate Agent in Newburyport, MA Kevin Fruh (Keller Williams Realty) said about 12 years ago,
"I posted a listing in my blog and with in minutes I had my first comment. Awesome"
Zackry Cooper (RPM Mortgage, Inc.): Mortgage and Lending in Walnut Creek, CA Zackry Cooper (RPM Mortgage, Inc.) said about 12 years ago,
"“Zack is a consummate professional. He and his team ALWAYS respond quickly to phone calls/emails. Zack is able to rescue many transactions that other mortgage lenders can’t. I know when working with Zack that I’m always going to get a straight answer from someone who prides himself on staying on top of the daily changes in the lending industry. Zack is amazing with my first time buyers, who tend to need a bit more “hand holding” than others. It’s no wonder that Zack is one of the top loan advisors at RPM Mortgage. He gets the job done and get’s it done on time!” – Tom Watson, Realtor – Hill & Co.

“My husband and I have worked with Zack a few times now to refinance our mortgage. He is very well versed on the subject and explains it to you in a way that you can understand and feel knowledgeable. He was able to lower our interest rate, and save us thousands on the life of our mortgage. I would and have recommended Zack to friends and colleagues.” Mandi Newton

“Zack is my “Go to Guy” for all mortgage needs. If I have a situation that is a bit out of the box I run it by Zack first to see how the deal can be put together. He has been able to put together a deal for me in as little at 14 days from App to Funding. If you get a chance to work with Zack Cooper and Team Empowerment, I highly recommend it.” Nate Ellis

“Zack and his team are #1 with me. I can always count on him to make immediate contact with my clients and expediously move forward with qualifying them for the home loan they need. Zack and his team go the “extra mile” to help even the clients who don’t immediately qualify for a loan to make repairs to their credit. I consider Zack a part of my real estate team.” Judi Urbanik, Realtor - Hamann Real Estate

“Zack has always provided the highest level of service for my real estate clients; he is impeccable!! And in addition to his expert knowledge and superb abilities, he’s a wonderful human being! I cannot recommend him too highly!” Lorri Holt, Realtor – Thornwall Properties

“Zack and his team at RPM really know their stuff — and they take clients through the loan process seamlessly & efficiently. They also are very adept at keeping the realtor updated on progress throughout the transaction.” Kelsey Lane, Realtor – The Look Team

"Zack Cooper and his Empowerment Team have provided my Real Estate Agency with in-depth knowledge of the financial in and outs for qualifying my clients with loans for their real estate purchases. Every single client I have sent to them has left satisfied and have been approved for their new home purchase. In addition, the one-to-one communication, knowledge of the current loan requirements, and completeness of the loan funding has lent to outstanding service. I highly recommend Zac Cooper and his team for any loan transaction.” Susan Fixen, Realtor – Pacific Oaks Real Estate"
John Howard, GRI, Mountain Home, Arkansas 870-404-3614 (Century 21 LeMac Realty): Real Estate Agent in Mountain Home, AR John Howard, GRI, Mountain Home, Arkansas 870-404-3614 (Century 21 LeMac Realty) said about 12 years ago,
"I have been working to build my presence in My marketplace here in the Mountain Home area. Recently I received 2 emails from different potential buyers that found me on Active Rain! Yessssssss! They did not have anything to say about my GREAT listings but they both commented on this beautiful area that I live and work in! I Love selling Mountain Home, Arkansas! I Love Making Peoples Dreams Come True! Success is coming my way from blogging on Active Rain...Who would have thunk it?"